Winning ….. with bread and stuff


Thank you to everyone who nominated someone.  Thanks for everyone who made me smile a bit, laugh a bit, and go “aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww” a bit.

Jenny, you win the hamper from the just-leave-a-comment-and-win-easy-peasy-sasko-hamper  – which means that Debbie wins the hamper.  Or.  You could just disown Debbie, and I send the hamper to you.  You can eat bread and have a shiny bread bin  and we will no longer speak of this person Debbie Farrell.

It is up to you.  Totally up to you.


April 26, 2013

The sandwich sounds amazing! I want to nominate my friend and colleague Debbie Farrell – she is fostering her 3 month old nephew and raising her 11 year old son on her own. She saved her nephew from a mom who is now in rehab and just took him in without question and with no maternity leave or financial help. She is a true superhero in my eyes.


Jenny – I will send you an email to get the information from you.  Enjoy!

Just saying ….

I often/always amazed at what I have to say in my house.

What I have to scream across the room/passage/table at my children.

I know there is the old saying about the fact that sooner or later, you realise you are your mother, because there you are yelling and you think to yourself  – I swore I would never say that when I had kids.

But there you go.  Breaking all the rules.  Realising how desperate your mother was.  Forgiving her for having a total shit fit when you were a kid.  Because now you are standing there having the same shit fit.  The wheel he turns.

Last night I was trying to cram in a few more minutes works, and the kids were watching tv/throwing the box of pencils on the floor/fighting with each other about who was going to sit on which couch — the usual state of the nation in my home.  It was escalating, and I am like a magnet.

Georgia showing me bizarre pieces of paper/art, and Isabelle unpacking my desk, and trying to get the glitter back on the glitter tube.  I just needed to finish an email, so I could log off and call this day finished.

I was forced to say: “Isabelle, get my giraffe off your head!”  Which was only surpassed by: Leave the toilet brush alone … no …. it is not a toy.  Put. It. Back.  Now!”

Really not something I thought I would ever need to say.

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