The joy of cousins. The wonder of Skype.

My brother and sister in law live in Glasgow, Scotland.

They have two gorgeous boys Finn and Noah.


We have been meaning to try and get them to write to each other, or something, just to reinforce the knowledge that they were cousins, and …. well, for no other reason.

Last night we set up a Skype chat.  Me and my three kids on one chair all trying to peer into the laptop camera.

Jackie, and her two boys – who were jumping on her bed at the same time as chatting to us.

It was such a wonderful experience.  You sort of forgot that a few thousand kilometers separated us.  My kids were in varying stages of excitement and interest.  While Finn was talking, we were watching Noah in the background unpacking his mom’s pyjamas, and then suddenly revealed Jackie’s underwear.

The kids chatted as if they were sitting across the table from one another.

Both sets of kids struggled a bit to always understand the accent of the other.  Connor wanted to know why they spoke funny – I tried to explain to him that to them, we speak funny.

We all agreed Georgia spoke the funniest.  Georgia speaks with a “I was born in Hollywood” twang, but was originally from Hamstead.  No idea where that comes from.

The highlight for me was when Finn asked if Connor knew “gangam style” – to which Connor sheepishly admitted he did.  Jackie then found the song on her ipad, played it and then all the kids danced to gangam style.

Connor sat this one out.

All an over feel good experience.  And remembering again that Gangam Style is the international dance of friendship.  And cousins.

Sometimes it is really nice to have kids.

Thanks Skype, you worked that like a boss!

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More ladies with babies ….

{warning — you may see visuals of a baby being born — this may include women in distress, a flash of pubic hair, some blood and a very good chance of an umbilical cord — if you prefer not to see it, then please do not read this blog post.  It is what it is, if you prefer not to look, then please don’t}



so this gives you a gap and to see you would have to scroll, and thus will not be surprised by an image on your screen unless you choose to scroll down to view



still a gap not to view



I used to watch a “having a baby” show on one of the lifestyle channels.  There was not much difference in each episode.  Follow lady/woman/family who is pregnant.  Lady tells her story.  Lady has her baby.

No matter who lady was.  No matter where lady was, or how lady had her baby – each and every time said baby entered the world, I would sit there blubbering like a lunatic.

At some point I had to have a serious talk with myself that really the show is pretty predictable, and I can not cry every time I see a baby born.

I cannot afford that much mascara.  And sometimes I forget I have mascara and end up fetching the kids looking like a panda.  But not the healthy kind.

I stumbled across this website and the images made me sigh, smile, and then sigh some more.

The website has the images of the year for babies being born/newborn, there is shortlisting, and voting.

I am not sure who won, but these are a few of my favourite outstanding moments captured by gifted photographers.




{images have been removed – please visit to view them there.