Crushing on Dexter …..

We all know I am obsessed with Dexter.  Our dog.

He is named for the character Dexter Morgan, in the series “Dexter!”


I am seriously one Xanax away from starting a Dexter Blog.

I am nervous about starting one, because I think when you start writing a blog from a dog’s perspective, and whose highest point of his day is to lick his balls, and biting Annabelle’s nose.

There is a good chance that the blog is going to be a bit more labour, and a lot less love.

I purchased Dexter through Caroline van Deventer, who is a breeder and lives up country.

I had done a fair amount of research on the breed at the point of approaching a breeder, and had seen them at shows, and spoken to a few Boston Terrier people.  I prefer to get my dogs via breeders, as I usually have aspirations of dog showing.

I am not knocking anyone or making judgement or suggesting you change the way you acquire a dog for your home.  If you feel strongly about people getting their dogs through shelters and so on, really that is fine.  My choice is just a bit different.

And here is the key.  It is my choice!

I chatted telephonically and via email to Caroline, and at the end of the day I had to trust her decision.

I had just gone through a 2 – 3 month process with another breeder, that in the end resulted in me cancelling the puppy, and walking away from the arrangement, so I did start this process thinking “well, this may not go well.”

Caroline was professional thorough and like a good breeder was a good resource for advise and suggestions on Boston Terriers.  Dexter was sent to us in a crate and we collected him at the airport in January 2012.

Dexter had managed to shit the crate full — like spray painted the walls in faeces.  I did think this was rather fitting considering his name, and considering Dexter Morgan also started off in a cargo crate sprayed with bl0od.

I posted a picture recently and showing progress on my “dog training” with Dexter through Cape Province Dog Training.

What you can’t see is the other dogs and distractions happening off to the side.

Dexter was following a “stay-sit-stay” command, and I was showing off a bit by dropping his lead.

I am meant to step away from him, and he is meant to remain in the sitting position for a full minute, until I return to his right hand side and release him from it.

Four weeks ago, I would not have believed there was a hope in hell of this ever happening.  So I can’t quite hide my excitement when “dog training” actually appeared to be working, and for a short moment in time, I realise I was in deed the pack leader.


Dexter is a fine looking lad, and even by Boston Terrier standards he is quite a hottie!


Caroline posted this picture of Dexter when he was a wee puppy —-

dexter 01

How freaking cute is that??

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  1. Shannon

     /  July 12, 2013

    Dexter is so cute! I saw you were in Cape Town and I have been searching for my own little “Dexter” for months now. Did it take you this long to find a reputable breeder? Any info would be so kind

    • reluctantmom

       /  July 12, 2013

      Hi Shannon

      I think the key to start with is what are you looking for? I was looking for a dog that I could probably show, and this then defined which breeders I would approach. I enjoy dog shows, and I also enjoy having dogs that are “within breed standard” and from breeders who show their dogs. Based on that I contacted breeders who met this criteria – I also visited several dog shows and introduced myself.

      I waited just over a year – and did go through on “purchasing” process which I eventually cancelled, because of several issues that I felt were not right. I was very lucky when Caroline from Carogan made contact with me with a male she had available. He is a great dog, and he has done quite well at dog shows.

      If however you feel that you will not be showing the dog, then this changes the criteria somewhat. I do feel quite strongly about only approaching breeders who are KUSA accredited breeders, and who really understand the breed.

      Anyone can have a litter of puppies, and a lot of people do. A novice breeder is not going to really know the breed, it’s qualities and also be combining the right dog and bitch together – they will generally use the two dogs they have available, rather than make the best choice.

      Purchasing dogs through gumtree or via a similiar route really adds to an ongoing problem of “backyard” breeders – backyard breeders never call themselves backyard breeders, but the issue is the same.

      If you are not looking at showing, and really want a dog as a pet, you can’t go wrong with looking at rehoming as an option – you can make contact with the folks at –

      I wish you all the best.

  2. Dexter is delicious.

  3. Dexter is bloody cute, but please don’t start a dog blog… then I will know you have lost your mind!
    As for the book Nikki recommended… I also saw it on Amazon and wondered who the actual f*ck would read a book in a dog’s voice… LOL, now I know!!!

  4. Tania

     /  May 17, 2013

    People for Dogs and Dogs for People. Dexter is very lucky to have found You! I’m more for Welsh Corgi’s and Scottish Terriers. Not show dog extreme, just my point of view adorable, they have endless personality, extremely intelligent & loyalty to the end of their days…

  5. My kids tease me that Tigger; my beagle, I’d my favourite child. There are certain things a dog can do that a husband or children just can’t. 🙂 On that note, one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable books I have read is written in the dog’s voice – The art of racing in the rain Garth Stein think you’d enjoy it


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