The one where I stole shampoo … and then gave you some ….

{this is partly a sponsored post ….. just product sponsored not curb my words sponsored}

Georgia’s friend Cara stayed over at our home a few weekends back.

Karen, Cara’s mom, always sends Cara with enough food, support supplies and pretty much anything you can think of.  I think the idea is that if we decide to keep Cara, her mom has sent enough stuff with for us to look after her for at least 10 – 12 years before we would need to leave the house and buy her anything.  Nice mom that Karen is!!

Cara arrived with a bottle of Organics Shampoo.  I noticed the bottle in the bathroom, because I could smell it.

Good smells in our bathroom are the exception.


Between what ever gets dropped into the toilet and my dog who believes pee’ing against the side of the toilet will endear himself to me, the fragrance of nice smelling shampoo was pretty heady stuff.

Cara left the shampoo behind by accident, and when it came to hair wash night (for the kids) I wondered if she would mind if I used a bit for the girls’ hair.  Oh my goody-ness what divine shampoo it turned out to be.

I really cannot recall if I returned the now used bottle the next time Cara stayed over, or continued to use it all and not  say anything.  There is a fairly good chance I might have quietly kept it and used it and never said anything to Karen …. sorry about that.

I really love the Organics range, it smells good.  I used to use the Organics shampoo range for my kids – the stuff in the large green bottles, and was always happy with that range, but these bottles and products are nice for the girls, Connor is a bit too old for this.

I love the packaging – its fun – and I like it when monkey’s eyes do not go in the same direction.

I recently bought the Organics Kids Funtagly Detangling Spray to use on the girls hair, as brushing, screaming and crying has been synonymous with our mornings and on nights when we wash hair.


My girls have really long hair — Georgia’s is way past her bum, and Isabelle’s is almost at the end of her back — so we are a hair-in-multitude family.

I can’t say in all honesty if it works. The girls like it.  There seems to be less screaming and crying when I spray it on their hair whilst combing, but it may be a placebo effect as it smells so damn good.

To take the above photograph I had to go and hunt for where Georgia put the spray, as she swiped it off my desk long ago and has been using it in the mornings, so this week has definitely been less tearful.

I don’t feel it is overpriced – there are some great kids products, but then I stand there wondering if I should buy the product or pay a bond installment that month.  These products are in the R39.99 range, from what I remember and I would think a bottle will survive a month with my three.

I like the Coconutty smell the most, but have bought the Strawbelicious for the girls.

The detangling spray is fruity – I just sprayed it on my hair.  I have no idea what it is supposed to smell like, it just smells good — I can still smell it on my hair, when I push my hair against my nose.

So there is my punt for a product range that I really like.

The friendly nice people at Organics’ PR company sent me a hamper with:  Coconutty 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Strawbelicious 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Mangomania Shampoo and Conditions, and Funtagly Detangling Spray for me to try out.

Thanks very much, already using them, always nice to have some more.


Would you like the same hamper I have received?

Leave a comment on this blog post, before close of day on Tuesday, 28 May 2013.  I will pick a winner comment, and then you will receive a hamper.

Really simple easy. No pain.  No clandescent liking and reposting needed – just leave a comment.  Here.  Now.  That is all.

What do you need to leave as a comment?  Your worst knock-knock joke of course.  For no other reason than we all have a really corny knock knock joke on hand when our kids ask us to tell them a joke.  Here’s mine:

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Cows go.

Cows go who?

No, cows go moo!