The reason Reluctant Mom Blog has no commercial longevity …

Partly because I am super kak with administration around my blog.

I love blogging, but I blog when I feel like it — sometimes it is twice a day, some times it will take me two weeks to write a post.  I do it when I feel like it.

I did a Disney Hamper Giveaway recently.

Today I realised that I sort of dropped the ball on the key thing — the giveaway part.  It all ran well until the part where I had to pick someone.  And remember to tell them. Right then, that needs to be actioned.  Immediately.

I know it is really cute to print names out and have your children pick them out of a hat or Tupperware b0wl – also great for Instagram pictures, and makes it look all organised and cute and stuff.

Winner idea, but sadly I just am not arsed that organised.

I went with the other way.

Put your right hand on your scroll button, put your pointing finger of your left hand on the screen, close your eyes, and then scroll, stop and open your eyes and see who you chose.  Totally random.

If you scroll like a lunatic, then you may need to repeat the exercise three times to actually land on someone, as opposed to dead area on your screen – scroll down long enough and it just turns into nothingness.

It is not scientific.  But there we go (the photo is clearly taken after the fact – and for dramatic demonstration purposes – and a reminder that I need to think about getting botox on my fingers …. do they do that?)

Tracy Blues, please message me on Facebook with your details, and I will ask the people over at Disney PR to get cracking and get your pirate stuff off to you PRONTO.


Next, I need to pick two recipients for the “So Close” by Tertia Albertyn book — sorry, that was meant to be sorted ages ago, but then it wasn’t.

So, that will be sorted this week.