Please bow when addressing me ….

I really seldom to “questions to the public” as I like to figure out things for myself, but here is one that I am a bit perplexed by.

Me:  phone rings …. hello Celeste speaking ….

Person:  Hello, this is Pastor Bill …..

Me: Err …. hi Bill, how are you …

Person:  Fine thank you ….

And then he continues to chat.  Further on he referred to himself as Pastor Bill again.

Would it be fair to say “Listen Pastor Bill, I’d like a do over you can’t call me Celeste any more …. I think Mrs or Her Serene Highness is going to work better.”

Of course I am not.  Because giving yourself a title, unless you are Darth Vader makes you sound like a fucktard!!  And why can he not just be Bill.

This by the way, is not a religious rant – I have the same issue when I am dealing with people who call themselves Mr or Mrs.

Why would someone introduce themselves with a title?  Please bear in mind he is not my Pastor.  Can you give yourself a title — and when is it considered correct to refer to yourself by an external title?

I often speak to people who refer to themselves as Mr or Mrs and this is in response to me introducing myself by my first name.

I gauge from their voices that I am probably older than they are.

So my question is why would you ever refer to yourself with a title, unless you need to address a letter to yourself and then why the hell would you choose to?

The social etiquette around this makes me giddy with excitement.

Seriously who actually refers to themselves with a title, and for what reason?


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  1. V

     /  June 4, 2013

    We always use first names unless people insist on the Mr or Mrs. It was a battle to get the school teachers at my son’s old school to call us by our first names. The current school is ok though 1 or 2 still sign their emails as Mrs… The worst is the preprimary and primary school teachers call you mom and dad. Like they couldn’t be bothered to learn your name or whose parent you are so they just call everyone mom or dad. My husband has a fit!

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 5, 2013

      I must say the random “mom” calling by school teachers is not something that gets me all sweaty. I can’t imagine how they remember all the kids’ names and the the parents. Half the time I forget their name and then refer to them as “teacher” in desperation!

  2. My brother had this friend that insisted I call her “Tannie”. WTF she is like 3 days older than me. I just pretended not to hear her, kept on calling her by her name. Must admit that I got a bit of a kick out of her trying to convince me.

  3. My hatred is for those telesales chaps who call you up and, “Is that Victoria Bruce? Great can I call you Victoria. Vicky? Awesome. So Vix…” No, it not OK. No you can’t. You can piss off. I just hang up then.

  4. Nisey

     /  May 30, 2013

    I married a van der merwe so I make a point of ALWAYS avoiding being called Mrs vd Merwe…. for obvious reasons.

    If I’d married Wills on the other hand I would INSIST on being called the Duchess of Cambridge – Denise, the Duchess of Cambridge really works for me!

    I think I may make a note of this for my next life…

    • Tania

       /  May 30, 2013

      Yes, a Royal title, THAT is one that you HAVE TO announce and use ALL the time! Like Like Like Like Like

  5. Tania

     /  May 30, 2013

    My point of view… If you have studied for years & you are entitled to a title… GOOD FOR YOU!… Well earned !!! As for the Mr or Mrs, now that is quite a different story.

  6. I have a hard enough time getting people to spell my name right never mind get the title.

    But when Jack was admitted to hospital we started at the ER and they wouldn’t let both David and I in and when I walked in anyway and told the Dr I am the mom – the nurse said “Please remember you are speaking to a Doctor!” – I was like WTF? Really?

    Random story for you :-p


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