A case of jealousy ….. she is a slanty green eyed little bitch ….


I have really had a case of the “why the fkc is that not me” moment/day/week/period {leave time frame that is most appropriate}

I look around and there are blogs that have an epic following.

Bloggers are going on to write car manuals, design new ways to hide from their kids, and methods to watch Game of Thrones uninterrupted, and suggestions on what to wear and eat.

Bloggers who are funny, pretty, clever, and well just so everything to the level that it makes me feel a bit shit actually.

I start to look at my lot in life and go, but why am I not famous, and adored and why do I not have trolls.

Why the hell do I not look fabulous all over instagram?

Why in gds name can I not work out how Twitter works?

Why do I hate myself when ever I see myself in the mirror?

And why did we buy a house with floor to ceiling mirrors in our bathroom?

Maybe it is the weather.  There is meant to be a connection between rainy, dark skies and the likelihood of someone making a shiv and ending it all.

I am in general not a “happy for you” sort of person, so let’s keep the base level in mind.

I don’t have enough happy for you in me.  At most times my reservoir of happy is pretty much empty or at the very least dripping out in a very unhappy stream.  Not unlike the outside tap that is never repaired, and eventually drips that slimy green/black mark against the back wall.

I tend to think in terms of “why did it not happen to me” or “what have I done wrong…” and seldom get truly happy or excited for me, or for you.

At your happiness I grumble a bit under my breath, and try my best to smile at you.  I don’t hate you for being successful, or doing well.  I hate me for not.  Subtle difference.  See it is all about me.  In my head.

I am not quite in the dead zone of depression, but my spirits are definitely flagging somewhat.  This “just keep on” bullshit is …. well a bit of bullshit.

I looked at Raising Men’s blog recently and I thought, shit, she has done well.  All the kudos to her.  I feel pretty damn jealous she appears to have such a cool life – and photographs really flipping well.  Here is a girl who could have child throw up on her shoulder, be drinking a warm Budweiser, and wearing a sack, and she would be gorgeous.  And clever.  And for fuck sake she likes bunnies.  What is not to like?   I am jealous that she is under 30, looks like a super model, and appears to weigh less than my winter knickers.  I stalk her — often. When no one is looking.

I looked at The Bloggess and thought, fkn hell she is unbelievably funny – how do you get that funny, and stay that funny?  And more importantly how the hell do you write such a funny book?  She is unbelievable, and she just has to BE.  I want to be her.  I want to be famous and fabulous and have a chicken named Beyoncé.  I want her stuff.

I looked at The Blessed Barrenness and I thought, holy shit balls she is busy making banana loaf, a great stew, she has a new baby and is so damn happy.  And she is probably one of the nicest people around.  Excuse me whilst I pour myself some more wine and wonder if when I grow up I could be as nice as her.  I covet her life.  I covet her kitchen.  I covet her food.

I looked at Margot over at Jou Ma se Blog who clearly stole the best name for a blog.  In the world.  Assuming that FuckMotherhood.c0m has come available again.  Margot is everything that is right with blogging – she is clever, and witty, and writes with such passion and never seems to sell her soul or go ape shit and have to apologise later.   She writes for publications what put ink onto paper.  Bless her.  I have been sneaking around her blog for years.  Actually I don’t hate Margot for anything, I just want to be as good as she is and I am jealous that I do not have her talent.    I loved the fact that she refers to her kids on occasion as “little fuckers” – makes me love her more.  Makes me envy her more. Some days I want to “cut and paste” her blog posts to my blog and just change the name.  Margot when I am mature, can I be like you?

I read a recent post over at Living Lionheart and I am in awe of her writing.  Her ability to turn a phrase and grab just the essence of a thought, so effortlessly.  I am jealous she is so damn good.   I want her to be my best friend.   I want her to tell me I am fabulous, as I smile, and bat my eyelashes demurely and say “Oh, I’m not, really I am not…..” as I push my cleavage further out to make the dimensions of my breasts look far more than my waist.  I don’t think that is going to work out, so in the interim I will covet the shit out of her and be envious as shit.

My latest obsession is a Slice of Humble.  No idea exactly what the blog is about – okay she is 28 years old and has five kids.  I am guessing that is sort of the theme.   I am more hooked on her Facebook status  updates than I am on her blog.  She is ridiculously funny – I want to be that funny, damn it — I would be laughing at myself every time I sat by myself.  People would fawn over me, promise me trinkets and shower me with nuggets of chocolate.  I am fairly sure I do not want 5 kids at 28.  But can she keep her kids.   I just want her funny.  I don’t think I have ever been that funny.  Ever.

Then I have this friend Natalie B.  Natalie had a baby in December 2012.  She rode her bike about 150 kilometers (out of choice) in February.  She does a race or triathlon every weekend, or thereabouts,  Ran the 2013 London  Marathon, and 2013 Comrades … and appears to be able to juggle her baby and work, and her life faultlessly.  She is such a nice person, so easy-going, and does not seem to have any hang ups.  Kennith asked me last week, isn’t Baby N like 6 months old?  I am like: ” uh-huh… something like that.”

Kennith goes “Natalie just finished Comrades …. her baby is 6 months old ” …

I think he implied that my youngest is nearly four and I am lying on the bed stuffing a Cadbury chocolate into my pie-hole and moaning about the “baby weight” that I am still struggling to shift.  I adore Natalie.  I hate Natalie.  I want Natalie’s DNA, long legs, and happy going easy style – can I swap her those for my daily overriding craving for a McMuffin with sausage and egg?

Okay, the list of things/people I lust for and covet is hardly complete, and it could go on for a very long time.

Please do not send me a note asking why I did not mention you.  I am  just stewing in my warm pool of jealousy and self loathing — it is a lonely place but warm and sort of comforting when you waddle in it, and just lie back and let the stickiness just envelop you.

Wondering why you aren’t on the list – odds are I am already on to you.  I have spent many hours trolling your blog/instagram/faceb0ok page.  I just don’t have the energy to extend this list right now.

If you have any suggestions for who else I should be jealous of, please free to flip your suggestion into the hat.

I am too busy self-flagellation, to add more right now.

Tomorrow will be better.  Or it won’t.

Today I sit here looking not dissimilar to Golum, mumbling “my precious under my breath….” as I wonder how I will steal the ring back from you.

{I am having a moment so forgive me slightly for my rambling and inability to string a decent sentence together – see need to be a bit more like Stacey and Margot.}


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  1. humblevader

     /  August 13, 2013

    Hi there, I noticed a lot of traffic coming from your site and wanted to say thanks for the shout out and the nice words. I look forward to more posts. Xoxo Humble

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 13, 2013

      Cool, nice to have you visiting over in my little corner of the blogosphere Humble!

  2. “Don’t compare your behind the scenes with someone else’s highlight reel”

  3. Oh *nervous laugh* your new comments appear at the TOP of your page. What a kak design *mails wordpress. walks out. slams door*

  4. Oh what the actual f – where did my comment go? Testing.

  5. I just saw this and now I’m angry with you. Did you not see THIS POST last week? Shut up. http://littleandbunny.blogspot.com/2013/06/south-africas-top-mommy-blogs-parenting.html Go open a bottle of wine. Get your kak together. *smooch*

  6. Alexandra

     /  June 10, 2013

    I think you’re funny, pretty, clever, look gorgeous in your photographs and I adore your blog.

  7. Celeste! No you must MAKE jealousy YOUR bitch.Grass is always greener and all that and we can change if we really want to, be more like (in our own eyes) those we envy. Think of them as your inspiration, rather than your rivals. You certainly inspire me, all the time. Meanwhile, thanks for all the cool new blogs to read!

  8. P.S. Celeste, have you read http://www.girlsgonechild.net/? I love this blog so much I read it all the way through. Her words and photographs are really art. She’s an American with 4 kids, including twins, and the first was a not-planned at 23 kind of happy surprise.

  9. Tan

     /  June 8, 2013

    I’m jealous of you! You’re amazing writer, photographer and shit funny. Like most have said here blogs are a picture in a moment of time. We all have our moments where we just want to run and yet we post all our good achievements on our blogs. I love how honest you are about parenting. Most of all love how honest you are about your Depression, its helped me on more than one occasion to say fuck it if Celeste can do so can I. Keep going and If todays a crap day well drink some wine and tomorrow blog about it.

  10. Helen Jamieson

     /  June 7, 2013

    If it helps at all, I found your blog a little over 3 years ago just after my son was born. I was a first time mom that had just given up a very lucrative and high power job in investments to stay home with a screaming, leaking, why the fuck won’t it stick to a routine and have we just ruined our lives forever baby. At 3am, which as you will remember is really that darkest, loneliest hour of pnd, your blog was to me the only thing that got me through to morning. So while you may feel like you’re not the prettiest, thinest, most talented etc I hope you know somewhere that if nothing else, to me you were a life line when I needed someone most.

  11. LOL and most of us read your blog and think exactly the same thing!

  12. countesskaz

     /  June 7, 2013

    oh well. we all have days like this. be that as it may, you’re not too bad for a Suburban Babe.(please accept this as the tongue in cheek manner in which it is intended!)

    You’re thin. You write well. You have 3 kids. Kennith is a keeper. You live in Cape Town, one of the best cities in the world. You have nice hair. You make us laugh. etc etc.

    Its not so bad.

  13. Dammit, Celeste – you just made me burst into tears. And I wasn’t wearing make-up to start off with, so I don’t have the blotched mascara thing going on which would make my moon-pie face look much sexier. You know, in a tragic way. DON’T YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE A LEGEND? I look up to YOU, you silly woman. You are a talented, funny-as-shit storyteller. Let’s NOT be best friends, because I would die if you saw what an unglam mess I am in real life. I’m 32 and live in a shoebox. Every day, at least one of my kids comes ‘this’ close to being posted to Antarctica. Don’t change, don’t fret, don’t worry your pretty head with its glorious mane of blonde that I just want to brush for hours in a totally uncreepy way. Your blog is one of the few corners of delightfully-unhinged-yet-still-strangely-sane corners of the Internet. Write your heart out, kitten. (PS: Margot is the only blogger I know who is exactly the same on the Internet as she is in real life. Completely unfrazzled and kak funny. Don’t you just hate her more now?)

  14. Jenny

     /  June 7, 2013

    Honey. I do believe half of what you see on the Interwebs is fabulous only after half a bottle of gin is sunk. By you or them – it matters not.

  15. Always remember Celeste, a blog is only a snap shot into somebody’s life. It doesn’t show you the whole picture. No ones life is perfect. No one is gorgeous and happy and well put together all the time.
    Thanks for mentioning my blog, I am flattered by your words, but be sure to note, I sit in my PJ’s till 11am every day and there are days when I want to run if my 3 year old asks me to smell her bum once more or I have to stuff the dummy back in the baby’s mouth one more time.
    None of us has it THAT easy…. some of us are just better at hiding it than others.
    Besides, you’re pretty awesome just as you are!

  16. I started my blog because of you. Had an anonymous one for years and haven’t had the guts to just do it. So, I’m really jealous of you I guess, and inspired and frankly, quite depressed on my own (not because of you, but nice to know I’m not alone). If it would at all help, I feel your pain.

  17. Careful what you wish for – everyone can paint a pretty picture online of what they WANT you to THINK their life is like!

  18. Love your work, Celeste…you do know that you have the monopoly on self-deprecating wit, don’t you 😉

  19. I totally feel like this all the time reading other people’s blogs, yours included 🙂 But ja, as I read somewhere, on a blog we are seeing the highlights reel, not the whole story.

  20. Tania

     /  June 7, 2013

    I am not sure you really want advise or a comment. RM you need to start admiring others and stop wishing to be them. RM you have a fantastic family, home, Dexter, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your appearance from an outsiders point of view. Get over yourself and learn to love yourself…. and your humour and writing is entertaining and interesting…. you make me want to read the books you blog about…. you have helped me deal with children, family situations just because you shared…. just Keep Going RM…. This “just keep on” bullshit is …. well a bit of bullshit…. it really is not you know. You have to accept some people have is easier, some have to work harder to have it easier.

  21. Well seeing as you asked: http://www.theycallmemummy.com – Mishy is my main cause of jealousy. She is just that good.


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