daddy, daddy cool …. hummed to the boney m tune ….

Father’s Day in South Africa 2013 is on Sunday, 16 June …..

Here’s my list of what makes a daddy-daddy-cool dad

  1. Put their interests first, always.
  2. Protect them.
  3. Teach your son how to be a polite and courteous man.
  4. Teach your daughter that she is loved, and adored and does not need to gain anyone’s approval.
  5. Show them by example.
  6. Spend your spare time with them.
  7. Give them hugs.  Tell them you love them.
  8. Do the “mom” stuff – get involved in the routine stuff.
  9. Read to them.
  10. Put the iphone down, interact with them.
  11. Stand by their mom – be a united front – don’t fight in front of them.
  12. Teach them self-esteem.
  13. Teach them about finances.
  14. Be good to yourself.

It’s not a comprehensive list, but there are my 14 – feel free to add a few, or change to suit.

Exclusive Books has teamed up with Reluctant Mom, and I have a great collection of books to give away to the special dad in your life – it can be anyone’s dad.  Maybe it’s your dad, your granddad, your children’s dad, your teacher’s dad, a dad you know who is just a cool dad – someone who can be a daddy-daddy-cool dad for 2013.

He does need to know how to read, else the books are really going to be wasted on him.  So give that some consideration as you work through the possible people you want to nominate.

What is better than giving away one collection of books from Exclusive Books?

Giving away two collections!!   Yay — I am so excited, because you know how much I love books.

Nominate the dad you think could do with a lie on the couch, a pile of books, and some decent coffee or a cold beer — sorry I can’t supply the coffee or the beer — but I can supply the books.

Leave a comment, nominate your dad-person, and tell us why he is such a cool guy, and a great dad.  

Two hampers, two chances up for grabs.  These are awesome books.  No need to even get in your car and drive to the store to collect them – we will deliver them to you {entries are limited to addresses in south africa — okay, that is pretty much all the small print}

No retweet, repost or any crazy stuff –  just leave a comment.  Here on this post.  And that as they say is all.

Entries close on Monday, the 17th June 2013 – some time after sunset.    I will announce the winners of the two hampers on Friday, 21 June 2013.

Easy?  Freaking easy and awesome — nominate your person.  Done!

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  1. reluctantmom

     /  June 17, 2013

    Entries are closed on this. Thank you so much for sending through some wonderful shout outs to dads …… please check back for the winner on the 21 June. I have two hampers, so will be giving two dad’s nominated an Exclusive Books Hampers.

  2. Dhesh

     /  June 17, 2013

    I pick my husband. He is a new dad and by the way our little boy smiles when he sees his daddy I can just tell that he thinks his dad is awesome already.

  3. I’d love to nominate my hubby, Juan. He’s the most awesome hands-on dad there is. We both work and both look after the kids, but not many dads would take on the task he does. I work shifts … so some evenings, some mornings and most weekends he’s alone with our 2 little ones. Our daughter is 5 and our son is 2 years old now and he has been there from day 1 since our first baby was born. He cooks, cleans, does the washing, ironing etc .. he baths them, feeds them, gets them ready for daycare, plays with them, reads them stories and gets everything done without complaining. I love my husband dearly and if it were not for him, I would not be able to go to work and feel secure in the knowledge that my kids are in the best possible hands. Thank you hunny – you’re the coolest dad and the best one for our kids xx

  4. BlessedlyBoring

     /  June 13, 2013

    After reading all your stories, I’m missing my Dad terribly! Here’s my little share for the day.

    When I was younger, it all felt so very boring that we had no real family drama – no divorce, no single parent issues, no family fights – just love, quiet evenings at home with my family, Sunday lunches around a too full table… Now that I know a bit more about the world around me, I am so very grateful for all that boring! Boring was, in hindsight, the biggest blessing in my life to date.

    I married an awesome guy who lived the same blessedly boring life and wanted nothing more than to have a blessedly boring family of our own. Shortly after our wedding, we got the devastating news that I am not able to fall pregnant or carry children of our own. The first boat-rocking event in either of our lives! We cried together for weeks, we got angry at each other, at the world and at everyone who had children. Restaurants with play areas were now like graveyards for us, we walked out of a church service because we just couldn’t handle the baptism and we made stupid excuses not to visit friends with kids.

    And after about 2 years of mourning, we got dogs! Not just any dogs – 3 angels in the shape of snoring, farting, peeing, pooping Boston Terriers. My amazing husband got up every 2 hours during the night to feed our girl when she was left to die by a stupid backyard breeder at only 3 weeks old. He got in his car at 11pm to rescue our third furchild who was left by the side of the road. In fact, he dotes on each of them like you would a human baby and knows their unique personalities as if they were human. Him and his furry kids spend endless hours playing in the garden, cuddling on the couch, he took them all to school and spends most of his spare cash on them. Recently, we decided to foster Bosties in need and Hubby has taken on the role of foster daddy with such gusto! He is now also a daddy-rescuer and daddy-rehabilitator.

    Yes, I know, not exactly a healthy obsession and maybe someday we will be ready to discuss other options for having a human baby, but for now, my hubby is the perfect Daddy, Doggy Daddy-cool and I love him and our blessedly awesome life even more for it!

    • Tania

       /  June 13, 2013

      I just LOVE it! You and Your Husband are special! What a real feel good story.

  5. Marilyn

     /  June 13, 2013

    I nominate my dad. He is my rock, my strength, my shelter and my inspiration. We have a mother with severe depression and anxiety, so my dad always had to be the sane one. My father was a very strict dad. A dad with lots of rules and no-no’s. I guess that is the only way he could cope with 3 small kids and an often absent wife….I admire my dad for loving and supporting my mother trough all the bad times, for being there for her when she fell apart, ready to help her pick up the pieces. It was hard growing up like that, but it made me the person I am today! I am a mother now myself and have a husband better than I could ever have asked for, a rock solid man much like my father!! I often think back and with tears of joy and sadness in my eyes I remember how my dad was just always there for us. A man of very few words, but we did not need words – me and him, we always had a very special connection. I guess with me being the oldest child it was many a time up to the two of us to keep things going, to keep the smaller 2 safe and happy, to give mom her space….My dad is not perfect, he is human, he gets grumpy sometimes and he can get upset, but he is my unsung hero ,my for ever idol!He gave me faith in all things good, he inspired me to push on and to keep going, even when times was tough. He showed me that there is good in everyone, that we should never judge a book by it’s cover, to never give up on people…on life, to always seek the good in others!

  6. Tania

     /  June 12, 2013

    With tears in my eyes, such heart warming & heart wrenching stories of Dad’s, good and bad. My Dad never had a chance to be a good Dad. My Mother never allowed him to be. She was and still is a total control freak, obsessive, bully, is always right in her eyes, is always doing everything for your own good, ( yeah right! ) and I can go on. My Dad is a softy by nature so he just took the back seat and let it all happen. It took me into adulthood, had my son, then years later, my daughter, then only did the cogs fall into place & I finally starting seeing who my parents were and their roles in raising me. My Mother chirps ” I raised 2 children, you and your brother, the one is normal, you work it out. ” ….now its largely debatable exactly who is the normal sibling, LOL. My point is that My Dad, although he lives in Cape Town and I live in Jhb, he has finally become his own person once he was out from under My Mother’s control and has become an awesome Grandad, or “Opa” ( We are Dutch/German ), and we are working on our Dad / Daughter relationship too. I Praise God that he has given us the opportunity to deal with US and sort US out!

  7. Damn I should not have read that… All the posts about amaze-balls dads have just made me cry. Not for myself, but for what my 2 son, should have had, and should still have. Instead they got a mega-loser douche-bag who f-ed it all up and then buggered off without ever contacting us again. So while years have gone by, and we do fine on our own… Father’s day pretty much sucks, as it just highlights and magnifies the giant hole of ‘well we had a dad, but he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any of us now’. One thing I can say with certainty is that my boys are ALREADY much better people than their father ever was. So I hope they keep being freaking awesome, and that one day someone will nominate them for something like this and celebrate THEM for being good dads, because that will be the best way for them to make up for not having had a dad by being a good dad! (Not sure what my point was really, but just following a thought trail)

  8. reluctantmom

     /  June 11, 2013

    Submitted on 2013/06/11 at 15:06
    My fiancé Tony Holby is a very special father to our three children, one whom we have adopted who is HIV positive and a child from a previous relationship.

    He makes it known at all times that his children come first, that means before soccer, before a night out with the boys, before a glass of beer.

    He is diligent about doing homework with the children,

    He is the one who wakes up and holds a coughing and crying child, while letting me get my beauty sleep.

    He changes nappies, mind you, even in public.

    He is always there for every knock and every thump, and when he as nothing left to give, he still gives my family the takes any man to be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.

  9. Tracey

     /  June 11, 2013

    My Dad is the Daddy Cool of all Daddy cool’s,

    I fell pregnant when I was 20, unemployed and just plain stupid. After swearing at me for 20 mins, my father devised a plan! I was living in Durban, with my unemployed mother, so basically this was a wreck of a situation.

    My Dad gave me the option of moving back to Pretoria, which I declined. then one day on the spur of the moment and a situation with my mother and her excessive drinking, I called my dad and said come get me. The man got in his car immediately, literally, immediately and drove 7 hours to Durban, picked me up, turn around and drove 7 hours back to Preotria. 14 solid hours driving!

    He never questioned me, he never judged me, he just loved me and supported me. Being a single father, it was my dad that took me to every gynea check up, it was my dad that went baby clothes and goodie shopping with me, using his money, he paid for me to study while I was idle, he spent days painting a nursery and he held my hand when i delivered his Grandson.

    For my sons first 2 years, it was my dad that help me raise him, bought nappies, formula and everything else a baby needs. It was my dad that taught me to change nappies, its was my dad that taught me to feed my child. It was my dad that taught me how to be a mom.

    It was my DAD who caught me before the fall could hurt me. My dad is the ultimate picture of wonderful. He is my mother, my father, my financial provider and advisor, he is my heart, and my best friend. HE IS THE DADDY COOL OF DADDY COOL”S

    Try BEAT that!

  10. One Parent Short

     /  June 11, 2013

    My children’s father deserves a smack upside the head (and has never read a book in his life). So all I can say is how great it is to see how many amazing dads are out there! Massive kudos to you all.

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 11, 2013

      Yes, I couldn’t nominate my own father. Unless there was a sucky-and-rather-shit-dad award …. which we may leave for Xmas time.

  11. Jimina

     /  June 11, 2013

    I am nominating Dave for this. It would be a perfect gift as he catches the train to work and back, 50 minutes either way, and spends the time reading books. Real books with paper pages and stuff.

    He is a great dad, plays “pirate pirate” as well as “fairy fairy” in all these weird and wonderful voices. The kids love it. I tried once to do this and miserably failed. He has a gift.

    He fetches the kids from their beds every night and fills Troy’s sippie cup with “nilk” at ungodly hours.

    He can do everything really except pick our their clothes in the mornings.

    Not to brag now but he also packs the dishwasher and cleans the kitchen!

    Pick Dave, pick Dave!


  12. Coco

     /  June 11, 2013

    My Dad! Our parents divorced two days before I was born. When I was 1, my brother 4, and sister 3 my mom needed a sanity break and dropped us off at my father for a couple of months. Dad shared the house with 3 other men and they all changed diapers, sang songs and fed us hotdogs. Years later when I was 14, my brother 17 and sister 16 mom dropped us off permanently. (Long story stepdad was a D#*s) Re – married by then to a women with 3 kids of her own, 2, 4 and 7, my half brother from an earlier marraige 9 yrs ( Jerry Springer material our family) and us 3 under one roof nearly broke my dad mentally and financially but he carried on regardless, and fed us all hotdogs! He always have advice to give, if asked, but only when asked. The bond he has with my little girl is unbelievable. He suffers from severe depression, he calls it his spotted dog, as everything is not always black there is some white breaks my heart to see him suffer. I am on maternity leave and as I have my own black dog he makes sure he comes to visit at least every second day late in the afternoon as it is my worst time of day. He will play with Emma, bath her and will sit queitly and read while she watches Teletubbies. As the saying go: a dad is the first man a daughter falls in love with! Love you dadda!

  13. Denise

     /  June 10, 2013

    Oh joy !

    I would like to nominate my maybe better half Porra!
    What makes him special is that he isn’t even Daina Bee’s real Dad, but has stepped up to the job. Always willingly. And with more patience and a dash of humour than I.
    Just these past two weeks, he fetched Daina Bee from school at 12 every day and let her sit at his offices so she could study (don’t let me get into a rant about how schools finish at 12 during exams and are so not catering for working moms !)
    He took her shoe shopping this Sunday because I could not handle going to one more shoe shop after the first 25 I went to did on the prior Saturday not suit The Teenager’s Taste.
    Supper ? Daina Bee prefers his food.
    Bottom line, where I cannot cope, he helps me out before I start drooling and murder someone.
    Even more special, is that he is a single Dad himself so not only is he helping me out many many times, but he has his own Big Hairy Teenager to cope with !


  14. Alexandra

     /  June 10, 2013

    I would like to nominate both my DH who is an amazing father – with our firstborn I didn’t change a nappy until she was three weeks old!

    But I would also like to nominate my own father who has always been there for me and is the most incredible father a girl could wish for.

    Luckily my DH and father get on exceptionally well so it would be no problem for them to share a hamper (almost put a smiley face there but then remembered that it would probably guarantee me not winning).

    • Alexandra

       /  June 10, 2013

      Realised I changed my sentence structure halfway through and now it doesn’t really make sense grammatically.

  15. Jo-Anne

     /  June 10, 2013

    I would like to nominate my other half Graeme! I leave the house early hours of the morning to work. My man gets both kids ready (girl 4yrs and boy of 6 months) in the mornings for school/daymom. He puts in sarmies for me every day and packs Chloe breaktime box for school. He will change nappies (no matter how nasty) and pack Liam’s things for the day. Does Chloe’s hair (I don’t even have patience for that!) Drop them at 2 separate locations each morning and only then goes to work! He always puts his kids and family 1St.

    He drives the less fortunate family members to the shops/library/day hosp without ever moaning or asking anything in return! Buys them food/electricity without wanting the money back.

    He is giving and caring. I could not have asked for a better father for my kids!

  16. Colleen

     /  June 10, 2013

    i’d nominate Barry, he is never lets evan leave the house without hugs and kisses. he tries to guide him and teach him without preaching. he supports me when Evan wont listen. He aspires to be as amazing a dad to our son as his dad was with him. His dad made him proud every day and he does so much to make us as proud all the time

  17. My Dude doesn’t really read anything that doesn’t have fascinating pictures… so even though I think it’s an awesome giveaway, so maybe I could read it to him 🙂 He really is a cool dad.

    Happy Birthday Isabelle. Enjoy your day together.

  18. I’d like to nominate my Husband and father of my monkeys, John.

    Well…..for various reasons, the first one being that I’m curious as hell to see what Exclusive Books would send him, the second being that he’s a fantastic ride in all senses of the word, a good father, no, a great father and hubbie. He likes reading and has taken over my kindle.

    Besides, reading is a healthy past time. I’m not going to try and sell him as a winner, because he’s a winner in my eyes! (if John read this, he would tell me to stop mocking him….lol) Also your voting system with eyes shut and perfectly manicured nails touching the screen (hopefuly on my name) is flawless and un-biased and it doesn’t matter what I say, rather where your nail rests!

    May your nail rest on my name. Good luck girls.

  19. The Ninja Mommy

     /  June 10, 2013

    I’d Love to Nominate Sam as Daddy Cool. My daughter lost her father three months ago and whilst Sam and I have been together for nearly a year,there is not a day that goes by where he does not make me absolutely proud of the father he has become to my daughter. We both have children, they are six months apart, and as you can imagine dealing with two 3 year old non-twin twins can be pretty hectic. When I had to work at Christmas, not only did he look after the two terrors, but he also managed to do all the housework and spoilt me with dinner every night. Despite all the hard things that have happened, Sam has held not only my hand, but where my daughter had lost her father, Sam has taken her other little hand and has helped me guide her through the loss. He is not only an amazing father to both our kiddies, but he is an amazing partner and support, and he always puts us first.I want to put him first this fathers day. I firmly believe that he is the thing real daddies are made of and I am proud to call him my partner, and even prouder to have him as a male figure in my daughters life as we navigate this journey together.

  20. Gillian Hattingh

     /  June 10, 2013

    My husband Ryan is such a cool dad because he will do anything for Riley our daughter. He will cuddle her at bed time every night because she also needs cuddles. He will watch iCarly and Victorious with her so she isn’t alone in the tv room. He lets her win and dominoes, wii and pretty much any game they play. He will wake up a 6 am on the weekend to make her breakfast and tea only to find her fast asleep in the bed next to me. When Riley was a baby he would always change the really bad nappies for me with no fights as arguments :). Wow I could go on forever, but will stop now.


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