Candy sent me {snort laugh} … bless Candy!

Candy sent Kennith a link to “My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter” by Tiffany Beveridge via


I looked at it, and I thought okay, little bit amusing but I don’t get it.

I did sort of glance at it.

Pinterest used to be an obsession now I think if I see one more person pin the shit out of their wedding or their upcoming kids party I might seriously start to question the reason to continue living.

Or, just unfollow them.

Kennith: “Did you get the link I sent you? Candy said you would find it really funny.”

Me: “Huh – huh… {with a slightly disinterested tone}”

Kennith: “Did you read the comments?”

Me: “No…”

Kennith: “That’s the really funny part – it is all about her “imaginary” daughter Quinoa….”

Me: “You had me at imaginary.  Quinoa you reeled me in.  Comments, there were comments??”

I sat and read it this evening.  Shit-balls it is funny.

Pinterest I am sorry I decided to hate you for so long. It wasn’t you, it was just the shit I was following.

Thank you Candy, you get the award for “Making Reluctant Mom Smile” – unfortunately there is no cash prize, and fk-all glory, but there we go, you win.  Yay for you.  Even better for me.

*wild hand-clapping before I lean over to get another sip of my wine*

I am so jealous I did not create an imaginary daughter first.  I am beyond myself jealous that someone took the name Quinoa which means I might have to settle for Browne Rhys (I know, now I want a 4th child so I can call him or her Browne Rhys …. I wonder if I could convince Priv it is a good idea of a baby….. thinking thinking).

Okay, so click along and check it out on Pinterest – these are a few of my favourites on Q.








{winner 1}


{winner 2}


You can happily follow this board on Pinterest, best two hours of your life!