Drinking in an emergency …. or an emergency that needs an ambulance

I think I have stumbled upon the best franchise EVER.  EVER.

Whether you’re looking for a few bottles of Pinot or need help catering your next event, Winebulance can help.  Our team of Winebulance partners is quickly growing across the US and will soon be available in your local area!

I clearly would not be a good franchise owner, something about partaking of all your merchandise and driving around in an ambulance wine van all night  — I do think that one of these parked outside your house must be a definite plus and really what could be better than a winebulance?? Nothing that is what.

I do like the 24 hour help line idea.  If they don’t have it, then damn they need it.  I would sincerely like to be the “face” of winebulance …. I am not sure who I need to speak to, to make that happen!!  I have few life goals, but right there is one.


I thought I would just buy winebulance.co.za just in case I wanted to get 0ne of these vehicles and do this in Cape Town.  Business opportunity anyone?