I am that mom ….


I am the mom that breathes a sigh of relief when school holidays come to an end.

Sure I love my kids, but I like the routine that exists where I drop them at school, and then have a few hours where I do not have to field awkward questions of: “So, where did you leave the kids?”

Last week I was in Willowbridge with Connor. Joyce was there so I stopped by for tea and a chit-chat.  I must confess a touch of panic did run through my when she asked: “So where are the kids?”

For a fleeting moment my brain panicked, as I had totally forgotten all ab0ut  them.  After a few moments I recalled I actually only had one with me, and then the panic passed as I sort of recalled where I had left him.

Moms all over the country are vexed they need to pack school lunches, polish shoes and drop kids off at school – me, not so much.

I did a lot more this school holidays with the kids than I usually would. I got to be almost intimate friends with a Tokai based baboon.  I visited Hermanus. I went to the odd wine farm. I did a spate of Art Jamming, and a few other activities thrown in.

But I for one am glad school holidays are over.

I like the sanity of school time.

I hope your Monday is happy, and you get the kids to school on time.

No, this post has no real purpose, but there you go.

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  1. Tania

     /  July 15, 2013

    The 3 weeks holidays up here went well, tomorrow back to school for them, another week would have been good… most extra murals continued through the holidays, it’s Ethan back to school I’m dreading… he is intelligent but a day dreamer… when he finally gets focused and into the school routine then it’s just a few weeks short of school holidays again…. Sigh!

  2. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum

     /  July 14, 2013

    Visited a friend for coffee today (she is a special needs teacher – bless her soul) we chatted about how she needs more of a vacation and how I am happy school is back on. I wasn’t even at home with the kids, they went to chreche every day, but they were bored shitless and made me crazy! I sat humming “oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day” will packing Amandalynn’s school bag today.


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