George Clooney … changing lives

1308_Clooney photo

Er, no that’s not right …

I have come across two really strange images today, that have made me count body parts – and then question fashion choices.

I think it is very cool to stay on the cusp of fashion, but there must be a point when you look at yourself in the mirror as you are exiting the house and go: “Hey, that’s not right!”

And personally I do not judge mothers who drop their kids off at pre-school/day care in their jammies.

I figure if you have the luxury of getting back in to bed, or no time what so ever to change, popping out in your jammies in an emergency is a-okay with me.



I am sure that both these ladies are very nice people.  I am not suggesting otherwise.

I am however suggesting that maybe on this day, they made a difficult fashion decision, and came out with the incorrect answer.

But they get to try again tomorrow.  Please gd let them try again tomorrow!