The Crowbar Gang …. brazen as all fk …..


There has been a spate of house burglaries in our area and the areas surrounding where we live.

I hate to use the words “scourge” or “epic” or “home invasions” or “this is out of control.” but this is one of those instances where you could pepper your speech.  The teams come in during the day – it is irrelevant who is in the house, or not, and they just come straight through the front door.  No squeezing through burglar bars for these guys.

One friend has been broken into five times since November.

She keeps adding more security gates, more sensors, more bars on her windows and to no avail.  They broke in again yesterday.  She says she has nothing more to steal.  She is of course so frustrated she wants to cry.  She wants to move.  She wants to organise a vigilante group to go and find these guys and kill them.  (Okay I added the last part, she is very forgiving, and always looks for the good in others …. me less so).

Her insurer has said they can no longer insure her, she is too high risk.  She does not live in a bad neighbourhood, and her house is secure and she has been living there for more than 15 years.

I have another friend whose house was burgled in broad daylight – 14h30 – her door is right on the road, so anything happening would be in full view of the street.  Four guys arrived, with crowbars and just went through her door – for the record she does not have one of those “egg carton” front doors, hers is this solid wood number.

Four guys and a few crowbars and the odd well placed kick took care of the door.

They were in, stole jewellery, stole electronics and her television.  She said the television was huge and how they managed to fit into the small car with five people in it begs her imagination.

The part that freaks her out, is that they can never find the remote for the television.  These guys seem to be brilliant at remote control finding.  That alone is a skill they could make honest money from!!

So that happened during the day – they have security, armed response, there were two people at home, they have two big dogs — none of that seemed to deter these guys.

I saw this post and this CCTV footage today and I thought well, there are the fuckers, brazen as all hell — and the one guy with the television.

Crowbar gang struck again, at a friend’s house today at 14h17 – in Waterland Crescent, Sonkring, Protea Heights. 5x BM broke in – broke down the garden gate, then crowbar to the security gate and door to gain access, did away with 2x TV’s. Car used was a white Avanza. Please, if you can share this to other Neighbourhood Watch sites someone, spread the word? Be careful out there!

neighbourhood _watch

If CSI New York can identify, locate and eventually prosecute a guy from one strand of dog hair left on a tyre  in the middle of a warehouse, then why can out police not pick up 4 guys running through a garden with their faces in clear view?

I do think that people are pretty much at their wits end — when you have done all you can do, and you are still being burgled and the police appear powerless to do anything – then I think it is a matter of time before a bit of “vigilante justice” kicks in.

People are scared in their homes, and really I am not sure I will be overly upset to find any one of these four (or the other half a dozen or so) similiar teams dead in the street with a bullet.

I personally would swear I saw nothing.

I am not a big fan of the “wild west” but I do think that this situation is one step away from where the community goes totally ape shit – and why should we feel scared in our own homes?

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  1. I can’t tell if these are the most brilliant burglars ever for not getting caught yet or if they’re the stupidest kind of burglars because they’re being crazy and wreckless like they have nothing to lose… either way it’s scary as all hell. Stay safe!


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