Miley made me smile today … actually it was Twitter …


The world it appears does not seem to have {unanimously} enjoyed Miley Cyrus twerked up a storm on MTV  with Robin Thicke at the recent VMA’s.  The Smith Family for one look horrified!

Fortunately Miley Cyrus features very low in my life as a priority.  My kids have no idea who she is, so this is not a hot potato I need to weigh in on.

I do not have to explain to my kids why Miley was “dancing with a lot of booty” with a teddy bear, and wearing a “cat” suit.

And why she is no longer the sweet and innocent Hannah Montana.

I don’t have to explain why she has a foam finger for a penis, or why her tongue has to hang out so far.  I am dodging bullets left-right-and-centre over here.

I can avoid writing an “open letter to Miley Cyrus” this year.

I can avoid shitting in my pants and worrying about the image that Miley Cyrus is projecting on to all the little girls who wanted to be Hannah Montana.

I can play “pass go and collect 200 dollars” and I do not have to worry my pretty little head about this issue too much.

Her dad and her mom can pick this one up, and add this photo to their “things to maybe not be so proud of our daughter for doing on stage…” or not.

I have no idea how their house works.  Mom might have done the styling, and dad the dance moves for all I know.



If you ever want to look at chicken the same again, then skip this image …. and the comparison to Miley squeezing her very tiny bum into an even tinier pair of shiny pants – this image is doing the rounds.  And you know me.  I like to be on the cutting edge of what is happening in entertainment, sport and global politics.

And to chickens.

Most important to the chickens.


Anyway that about wraps up my comment on the biggest thing happening on the world stage at the moment.

These are two of the other tweets I saw that sort of summed up the day’s events pretty well I thought



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  1. Luv you Celeste! And love that picture of Will Smith and family

  2. Um… Yeah… I had to look twice… Uh… 3 times at that chicken!! LOL

    I will never see chickens in the same light again… A very accurate description. 😉


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