Sticky Fudge looking for {little people} models ….

I adore the look of Sticky Fudge,  The clothing, the way the children are photographed, the post production editing on the images.  Their tag line is “TIMELESS CHILDREN’S WEAR…”

I love it all.  {this by the way is not a sponsored post …. this is just a case of retail lust going on}



From their website they describe themselves as:

Our collections take you to a place of innocence, magical worlds and infinite possibilities.
At Sticky-Fudge, we treasure the moments spent as parents and our creations recognise the beauty and enchantment of being a child. Our garments are designed with a deep understanding that, as we witness our children’s journey, we are making memories.

With a vintage feel, timeless style and a sense of everlasting charm, the designs are trendy and at the very forefront of children’s clothing. Sticky-Fudge takes the art of children’s fashion to a space of expansive imagination, allowing the individual spark within each child to be reflected in how the garments are worn.

Our collections are crafted in such a way that it blends and combines within its own collection as well as the next. Styling is comfortable and relaxed, allowing free movement when exploring and investigating the world as only children can. The fabrics, prints and trim details are carefully selected to complement the overall look and feel of the garment, at the same time being functional and practical. We pride ourselves in using natural fabrics, ensuring a softer more comfortable garment.

Pwah!  Lovely goodies on their site and you can also pick them up at a few retailers throughout South Africa.

I plan to put a tin in my car and each time I don’t buy myself a McDonalds breakfast, I can add to the kitty, and use to to splurge on Sticky Fudge.  Even the name is delicious.

Sticky Fudge are also running an on-line campaign for “models” to be submitted.  Babies and children from newborn to 7 years old can {should apply}.


Application form can be filled in through this link – include two good quality pictures of your junior, and let me know if you get picked to star in a print campaign!