Excuse me whilst I go into {further} overdraft and buy a painting ….

I stumbled across this exhibition that is running at the Bellville Library Art Gallery.

My understanding is that these are part of the entry for the SPI National Portrait Awards which has been hosted by SANLAM


Sanlam Private Investments, in collaboration with Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, Durbanville, has initiated South Africa’s first National Portrait Award.

A significant single prize of R100,000 will be awarded for the best portrait. In addition to the prize, the winning portrait along with a selection of approximately 40 entrant works will be exhibited at the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery in Durbanville, after which the exhibition will tour to venues around South Africa in collaboration with the Sanlam Art Collection and VISI magazine.

Artists are challenged to enter works which exemplify their ability in the medium of their choice, excluding lens-based media (photography, video, etc).

A panel of three judges will identify the winning portrait, and select additional works for the national touring exhibition.

All works will be judged anonymously as artists are requested not to sign the work. The panel convened by Stefan Hundt, head of the Sanlam Private Investments Art Advisory Service, and Curator of the Sanlam Art Collection.
I believe – and any incorrect information here can be exclusively blamed on me and my inability to remember information, because I did not write it down – that there is limited space and these portraits were not displayed, so the Bellville Library Art Gallery asked  for artists who had entered, whose work was not displayed in the final 40 were then asked to display at the Bellville Art Gallery.
I am not sure I have words to describe how incredible the work is that I saw.
These are taken with my camera phone, any lighting issues, any variations from the work on display is due to me and my inability to hold my phone still whilst I am drooling and trying to do mental calculations as to how long it would take me to purchase one of these.
Here are a few images – I took photographs of the little cards next to each piece so you can see who the artists are.
Incredible.  Incredible work.  {falls on the floor in admiration}
There were so much of these that I loved – stood with mouth opened loved.
But this one by  Carien Jordaan made me stop and stare and come back and stand in front of it for a long time – not sure why. I tried to google her to see more of her work, I could not find her.
Do you know how Carien Jordaan is – let me know — please.
After looking at these pieces do you not find that something inside you has shifted?  Just a little?