Johnny Clegg UNPLUGGED at the Baxter


Fortunately we are in a circle of friends where particular people get their shit together and then we all benefit from their ability to see great opportunities and book them for the “rent a crowd” that is our little group.

Johnny Clegg UNPLUGGED at the Baxter was one of those events.

I was keen, but I was not beside myself with the joy of it.  I liked Johnny Clegg, enjoyed the music, and had never seen him live – I have his albums somewhere, but have not listened to them for a few years now.  So I was excited to go and see Johnny Clegg, but not like stupid excited.

Then I went.

I had one of those religious experiences that move your very soul.

You realise you are in the room with greatness.  With a profound human being.

With a man who can tell a story and capture the very beat of your soul – he knows you, and he knows that the Africa part of you lives deep inside your little heart, even though you do not run around with a “I love South Africa” t-shirt on.

He manages to grab that thin little golden string that connects us all.

We were fortunate to have tickets within 8 rows of the stage – we were smack back in the middle of the row.

The sound was perfect.

The way the show flowed and how he spun stories into the songs and the set were beyond brilliant.  Johnny Clegg is 60 years old, and I felt like I was time travelling back 20 or 30 years.  He was outstanding.  His supporting band were unbelievable.  Everything down to the candles on the stage were just right.

I have been to many concerts and live shows and and and ….. and I often look back and go “well that was pretty good” …. but this one was one of those that I will always hold in a very warm place in my heart.

I am so glad that we get to live in the same world of Johnny Clegg, and the history of South Africa can be told to the next (or even this) generation through this eyes and through his music.

If you were not lucky enough to attend, keep an eye out if he does more UNPLUGGED shows and then book!!  Quickly.

I do not think there was one person in that audience last night who did not feel like there was something inside their soul that shifted.  In a good way.


Check if you can still get tickets here ———————–>>>



This is my 838th post on this blog —- who knew I had so much to say?

Sports Fund Raiser braai …. invitation

Connor hands me a pamphlet today about a fund-raiser-braai at school tomorrow.

I realise I am not terribly popular, or have a very busy schedule but even I have plans for tomorrow.

Without being dismissive of my sons ability to hand me a notice at the very last moment, I read through the notice and gave it the due time and concentration it deserves.

Point three was in UPPER CASE:


I look at Connor.

Me:  This braai says I can’t drink wine!!

Connor: I will tell them you can’t make it.

{ —————}

I am proud of my son in all sorts of ways right now.

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