17h15 the day before school starts ….

Driving home from where ever I took the kids, Connor asks: “Moooommmm, do we have stationery at home?”

The night before school starts.

We have been on school holidays for nearly a week and a half.

The night before he is asking me for stationery.

I really understand why mother’s abandon their children so wolves can raise them.

Seriously, if you asked a she-wolf that after a long stressful day with her litter of pups if you would please go and buy stationery – she would just eat the puppy’s face off.

And that would teach the rest of the litter and any other puppies to never ask for effing stationery the night before school starts.


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  1. Tania

     /  October 1, 2013

    Or you just save yourself the stress and frustration and buy enough the beginning of the school year so when he asks you can just take it out of the cupboard and say “Here you go Connor! Well Done for asking me the night before!” ….Ethan never asks …It takes me to scratch through his pencil box in frustration and moaning at him for not asking me for stationery.


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