It’s a hum-dinger …. that hummingbird is …..

Yesterday I was sent a link on Facebook where I was tagged on the post published regarding the designer’s feeling and how Woolworths might have acted in a less than “noble” manner and stolen a creative’s artwork.

I was intrigued.

I read the original post.

I read the comments, and it looked very clear the public support was in favour of burning Woolworths at the stake.

I am not normally a reasonable person.

I do however know who supplies me with my Chuckles and the occasional Rotisserie Chicken.  I do want to possibly step with caution before I go to the wendy house and find my pick, and set my torch alight and go out and burn every Woolworths to the ground.

My impression has been that Joe Public does tend to get itself in a bit of a state – rather quickly.

No one shares posts as quickly as ignorant fuckers on Facebook.  {refer every stupid hoax status update that has ever come by way…}

I am not sure exactly how “mob mentality” works, but I am pretty sure that in the world of “Facebook” if you throw a stone, at least 250 people will toss a stone in unison.  Even if they have fuck all idea of what the issue is, nor could they be bothered to look up the counter arguments to the issue.

Then again that is sort of why we like Facebook.  It is like “rent a crowd” – where most of the crowd are happy to type what ever “comment” is going this week and share and share and share without actually asking any more questions.

Being me – of infinite resources and limited time, I did the “right” thing and started searching around to get a feel for maybe what the people were saying who were looking at this humming bird and maybe asking “okay what are the other things going on here?”

I had a poke around, and though I did not come out in Woolworths’ corner, I also was not convinced of Euodia Roets and all things being as she represented them.

I am all for the understanding that corporates can tread on the little guy – and most Buyers/Product Finder People have slightly less than questionable morals.

I am all for the understanding that the little guy/gal may not be as legally savvy as the guys in big suits, who can afford large buildings and a real snazzy tag line.

Corporates do not always play nicely with others, and as a small business person I do understand how much energy, timeour own money we can expend into a project that in some cases never comes to fruition, and then you sort of stand there holding the bag, whilst your Bank Manager is trying to call you about why you have a serious dent in your bank account.

People get fucked over each day – but to get fucked (for this euphemism) you must agree to take your clothes off and hop into bed, and only when the rogering does not go your way “cry fowl…” (I make myself laugh ….. yes I do)

I do think that if you are going to throw a stone, then best to check:

a) that your hummingbird is yours and so unique that there would be no question of it’s origin

b) that before you scream ‘”SOMEONE STOLE MY SHIT” you quickly check that you have not stolen any one’s shit —– and not add a credit to the photograph you actually copied ….. after you throw your shit outside the playpen …. google can be a very unforgiving mistress in that regard

c) that people remember that when Chicken Little screamed “the sky is falling” no one stopped to call the right people and verify that the sky is actually falling …..before they pass that piece of information around and all the natives lose their minds

d) take a deep breath – and weigh up your accusations, and what the probable fall out is going to be

Facebook will continue to have a field day with this, and as Kennith says, why spoil a good story with the facts?

Woolworths will come off as the villain – when possibly they were less than ideal, but were not the “corrupt idea stealer” they are being painted as being.

People will say they will no longer support Woolworths.   Good luck to them – it will mean I can park closer to the store, the queues will not be so long, and the rest of the village can go and buy lettuce with worms on it, and fruit that looks like it was rejected from Woolworths.

Euodia Roets will have her 15 minutes of fame, her blog hit rate will go off the charts — and then it will boil down to a mild simmer.

I think she is a very talented illustrator –  and I really do wish her all the best.  But I can’t support her on this one – not totally, though I do empathise with her frustration.

Here is Woolworths side of the story ….. clearly drafted by a very bored PR person …..

Woolworths, I shall continue to grace you with my presence, until you decide to change the recipe or discontinue Chuckles, then it is probably going to be “gloves off…” and I may well start a picket line of my own.