Niki Daly 2013 winner of the IBBY SA Award with The Herd Boy ….

I realised that I do not go to Media Events.

I get invitations, but usually decline or drop them into my “things to reply to as soon as I have 35 sane seconds” and quietly sit there and “sweat” at the thought of a roomful of strangers.  And me.

The reason I avoid media events can usually be attributed to the following reasons

1.  I have little interest in going – and the only reason I appear to be invited was so that I can add it to my blog post and tell you about it.

2.  I have a serious overload of things to do, and the amount of hours in a day that remain.

3.  I really hate walking into a room full of people I do not know – can you say Social Phobia?

4.  I am bound to say something inappropriate, or will wander off and stand in the kitchen, stroke the cat, nurse my drink and avoid mingling.

I was invited to the IBBY SA Awards Lunch where they were announcing the winner for the best South African children’s book writers and illustrators.

The Exclusive Books IBBY SA Award recognises the best South African children’s book writers and illustrators and highlights Exclusive Books’ objective of bringing books and children together. IBBY SA is the South African National Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY).

IBBY SA nominates writers and illustrators for the IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Award. It also makes nominations for the Honour List of books that are presented and promoted every second year at the IBBY World Congress, in the following categories:

  • Authors in a variety of South African languages
  • Translators between various South African languages
  • Illustrators

These nominations are for writers and illustrators who have made a significant current contribution to the country’s literature for children and young people.

I made an exception for several reasons and went along to this event held on Thursday 10 October at 220 Princes in Cape Town, hosted by Exclusive Books. {yes I do realise that I am being a bit tardy with this blog post}

I was able to bring my wing-girl, Judith Cross along – she of Oxford University Press Senior Designer fame, and it seemed like a pleasant afternoon out.  I am glad to brush my teeth, and hair, change my underwear if there are books involved.

I thought it would be an awkward award event, but we all sat around a lovely table, and there were snacks – and the speeches were short, and funny and then the winner was announced.

Niki Daly said his thanks, waved his award around in a good natured manner, then we all sat down, congratulated each other and continued to eat the divine food.  More award events should you like this.


All the food at 220 Princes Lounge as particularly nom-nom ….. great space for functions ….. .



The winner Niki Daly as the 2013 winner of the IBBY SA Award with The Herd Boy, published by Jacana Media.  All present were lucky enough to receive a copy, which Niki Daly kindly autographed.





 The members of the IBBY SA jury would like to make honourable mention of Ben and the Whales by Ingrid Mennen and Irene Berg (NB Publishers). According to the IBBY SA process, the winning illustrator receives R5 000.00 and the author R5 000.00, but since Niki Daly is both, he will receive a R10 000.00 cash prize!


Long table, people eating – top hats for chandeliers.


From left to right: Carole Broomhalll Publisher Jacana Media and Niki Daly


From left to right: Talita van Green Events Coordinator Exclusive Books and Niki Daly


From left to right:  Lona Gericke – Chair of the EB IBBYSA Award Jury;  Robin Malan IBBY SA; Niki Daly, writer and illustrator – Winner of IBBY SA Award 2013; Rene Brophy Marketing Manager Exclusive Books and Nonikiwe Mashologu Chair of IBBY SA.

Niki Daly has a great blog and you can see more examples of his work, and stalk him if the need arises.


Niki Daly wearing bookends as ears … yep, seemed all quite normal at the time.

If you are wondering what to give your child’s teacher for an end of year gift, may I suggest a copy of this book?  it will be loved, read and enjoyed long after the box of chocolates you were going to buy is eaten and the wrappers tossed aside.

It was a nice relaxing lunch – but then everyone stood up and left.  Judith and I decided to go and sit in the window seat, order more wine and relax in the afternoon sun.  Nice day out.  Well done Niki Daly, and thanks Exclusive Books.