Racist card or valid question?

I saw a post on a Charity facebook page that had posted several photographs of children receiving presents, and opening them – the children all (I assume all, I did not go through them and do a tally) were non-white.

After a particularly lovely photograph of a black South African young boy opening his gift with a smile that could light up Cape Town, Jane Doe had posted the comment: “sal ons ander raskinders se glimlaggies ook sien asb.”

The English translation is loosely “Will we be seeing the smiling faces of children of other races please” – my translation skills are not on University level, but that is sort of the gist of it.

Clearly some people made a poop in their pants – others just went befok!

There was the standard response of “a child is a child no matter what their race” …. and that is true, but that was not what she was asking.

I saw further comments about the original comment on other facebook status updates.  I did not make the connection until I saw the original comment and where it was posted, and then the penny dropped.

I am not sure if the person who posted the question was asking because she felt that non-white children had only been featured on this facebook page.  

Or whether she really was curious where the white people were.

Or that she was taking issue – or just making a comment – that there seemed to be very little in the way of white faces being presented.

Or that she felt that unless she saw a white child now, she was going to rethink why she had “liked” this page.

I am not sure – what her frame of reference was for the question.

The children registered are probably representative of the population of South Africa as a whole.  My guess is that there would be far more coloured children in the photographs from the Western Cape, than say for the Gauteng area.  

I would suppose.

Whites are the minority – and make up less than 10% of the South African population.  And based on this, one would expect to see far less white faces in the photographs than say of children of colour.

The question did not rile me that much.  It does (for me) bring back the issue that race is a very sensitive topic in this our rainbow nation.  One has to tread very carefully with what you ask and how it is phrased.

I think is the “lesson” when reading posts, comments and pretty much everything on the interweb is that you really don’t know the tone that the person was using, what they actually meant or anything more about her other than these 9 words that make up this comment/post.

I have interviews with candidates who for the most part black South Africans or black foreign nationals.  I am often taken aback when one of the candidates starts a sentence with “You know how black people are….” or “You know how those people are ….”

Clearly the right answer from me is “er, no …..” – it seems dangerous to have any other reaction.

On non related news I took this photograph of Isabelle and Kate (Katelyn) yesterday in a moment where they seemed to be sharing a private joke … and no, I do not know why there is a piece of ribbon pasta lying between them.