Are your children PLAYING with Lucifer’s Testicles?

I love it when single, childless people have an opinion on parenting and child development.

Could you please discuss marriage with us, too?


In a non related matter, I saw this book, and I thought it might make an excellent stocking filler — especially if you are hoping to find yourself as Johnny-No-Mates by the 26th of December.

Have a friend with kids who you have absolutely no interest in ever seeing again?  Then these books are for you.

Are your children PLAYING with Lucifer’s Testicles? by Dr Daniel Cameroon.   I personally would be intrigued to find out which titles were rejected, before this one was decided on.


If you already have a copy of this awesome book, here are two more you may want to look out for – these are actual books.  That adults sat down and wrote.  And published.

Nancy Boy Chrissy the Bedwetting Sissy


This book “Daddy, why did Jesus kill Grandma” is also a colouring-in book …. well that is okay then.


Here is a page from the book – feel free to print it out for junior to colour in.


Seriously these are book – pop over and order if you’d like:

I will be honest Melissa Bachman doesn’t bother me half as much as the crowd that put these books together.

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