Takealot you sure have the goodies ….


I received a voucher for Takealot when The Reluctant Mom won the Kidzworld SA Mommy Blog of 2013.


My experience with on-line shopping  has been limited to book purchases.

I like to smell my purchases.  No really.  I walk around Woolworths sniffing clothing.

No I am not sure exactly what I am hoping to smell, but there we go that is what I do.  I usually touch the item first, sort of rub it between my fingers, and if it passes the “rub test” then it moves to the “smell test.”

Unfortunately on-line shopping lacks a “scratch and sniff” patch.

I was less than excited by the prospect of shopping on takealot, but it was a late night, a large amount of wine was consumed, a slab of chocolate was scoffed, and at that point I was pretty much willing to give anything a go.

I lurked around takelot, and though my initial plan was to purchase books.  I tried to be loose and cool and browse all the categories.

I will confess that things that had a price that had been crossed out, and then there was a new flashy “cheaper than before” price, really had a large appeal.

I bought a few things, and my voucher was for R600.00 – I had to pay just over R100.00 more as I had added a few things that were above the budget, and then waited for delivery.

Delivery was marked as the 15 January 2014.

I received two emails, one to confirm that my order was processed, and a second to confirm that my payment had been processed.  All very efficient.

I placed the order on the 2014/01/09.

Delivery was scheduled for the 2014/01/15 which seemed fair enough – I was not in a real rush.

I got a call after 15h00 on the 2014/01/10 to confirm I would be able to accept delivery today, and delivery would take place before 18h00.  It did.

I received my box this evening – it was neat, and well packed, and all the items were individually wrapped, and well cushioned.  The courier was friendly, professional and overall a really good experience.

I do love receiving things!!

I was really happy with this entire takealot experience.  The prices were good.  I liked the website, there was a good selection, and it was simple enough to work well.  From purchase to cart it was simple, clean and easy.

This is my box – Die is my does – translation for my Afrikaans readership of 3.


I bought fragrances I had wanted to try.

I must confess that the  DESEO by JLO was much nicer than I remembered.  I really liked all three that I ordered.  I purchased another Tangle Teezer, I think I should just get these on a stop order every two months.


Well done takealot, and thank you again to KIDZWORLD.

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  1. Joyce

     /  January 13, 2014

    From one of your Afrikaans readers, the correct spelling is definitely “doos” yes… and I only feel free to correct you so boldly as you called me rotund the other day! Hahahahaha! Must confess, I feel very rotund lately, and that is mildly put, so thanks for that word!

  2. I’m not Afrikaans but I always spell box in Afrikaans as “doos”. 🙂 But your version is interesting too. I wonder which is the correct spelling? Can anybody help?

    Living on a farm is isolated and sometimes when I need a boost I shop online. Its not as great as “scratch and sniff” but still scratches that shopping itch.

  3. Kudo’s! Welcome to the world of technology and shopping from the convenience of your home/office chair/couch/car. Anywhere but a store with parking issues and unhelpful staff.

    The thing I most love is their payment options, especially since my credit cards were torn from their happy place.
    But they are quite possibly the best online store (delivery, communication, payment options) in SA.

    Your post explains the R600 voucher, hope my last comment didn’t show my envy too much.
    FTR I’d have blown that in 2min flat. 😉 well, I am a woman, mother, girl – who am I kidding, I just love shopping.

    Congrats again!
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


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