Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I missed this performance on the Grammy Awards 2014 – I switched over a few minutes too late.

I heard about the performance when I saw the shit fit people had about “having to view” people taking part in same sex marriages.

There were people who were having a total moral collapse on Twitter .

I assumed maybe there was a lot of tongue and possibly sex on the stage by the sound of things.  I hadn’t seen the performance but I started to wonder if the Grammies had “overstepped” the line of what is considered acceptable.

Because these people (there are many more) were seriously upset.

macklemore01 macklemore02 macklemore03 macklemore04 macklemore05 macklemore06

I eventually had a chance this weekend to go and view the performance on youtube.

I swooned.  I sighed.  I decided I am in love with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and their Same Love performance.

In the 30 couples (who were actually actors) there were maybe 5 – 6 same sex couples – there was no kissing, no exchange of saliva, and no groping going on. You would think newly married couples, who were married by Queen Latifah would go absolutely monkey.

Nope, this group was all smiles, and light kisses brushed against cheeks.  Nothing worth averting your eyes about, or putting your hand up to cover the delicate sensibilities of your children.

If your children were watching this they would probably still be mentally scarred from the earlier opposite sex performance by Beyoncé and Jay-Z – but there tweets by the right wing about that —- I really do struggle some days to figure out where the moral compass is of Joe Public in America.

Remember though how people went absolutely ballistic when Janet Jackson’s boob popped out for 1/16th of a second 10 years ago. I still cannot understand what made people lose their minds over this incident but these advertisements seem to be okay at the time.



But anyway.

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  1. I find it quite amazing that these people all forget that the Bible also says that only those who are sinless can judge others.

  2. Alexandra

     /  February 4, 2014

    The video has been removed – try this one:


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