You had me at Dulce de leche ….

I hardly ever never get excited by “make your own shit at home” blogs – really I know that there is very little I can make, that someone who makes it for a living cannot do better.

I also really do not get my rocks off when I bake a cake, and it looks like crap, and I could have just popped down to the local “tuis” home baked place, and picked up a rocking cake for a few rand.

There is nothing in my soul that sings when I have to spend hours and hours trying to make something at home, that probably tastes worse, or looks decidedly crappy in comparison to what I could purchase in the shops.

I am without a doubt not into the whole hipster movement of doing things myself.  I am a fan of the present capitalistic, and “please go to a store and buy it now” sort of mindset.

But then I saw this one on making Dulce de leche at home —- Dulce de leche and I have a very indecent relationship.  I think about Dulce often, I am besotted over Dulce.

I can eat a jar in a few hours and still have a twinkle in my eye ready to eat another one.

Dulce has very little regard for me, and as far as I know cannot be purchased locally.

What madness, madness I tell you!!

If you know about a store locally that stocks imported Dulce de leche please do let me know.

I love LOVE LOVE dulce de leche.  I know it is meant to spread on bread or pancakes, but I have not moved past the point of eating it directly out of a jar.

It takes too long to get the bread out the breadbin.

Until then I might be boiling up a little bit of goat’s milk – the entire things sounds wildly suspicious.

This is a bit like illicit drugs  If you can’t buy the stuff, then the final option is to just make a little at home, until a decent supplier contacts you.

homemade dulce de leche

homemade dulce de leche, oops

Guess what, guys?! This weekend, we’re going to make dulce de leche. Or maybe cajeta. Or maybe both.

Step away from the cupboard; I don’t mean like that, the way we’ve always made it. It’s time to break up with the can of sweetened condensed milk; it’s us, not it.

Because I’ve tasted the other side, the one where you take that milk in your fridge that you needed to use up anyway, the sugar that’s already in your pantry, a bit of salt, the smallest snippet of vanilla bean and maybe a cinnamon stick, if you so desire, and boil them together until it smells like the heavens exhaled in your kitchen and the mixture becomes the most complexly flavored thick copper caramel with a deliciousness will bring tears to your eyes.

And no, I am not being melodramatic; you’ll see.

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