Reading to your children ….. free podcasts with stories

There is huge value in spending time sitting with your child and reading them a story.

No doubt there are studies and experiments, and scientific journals dedicated to just this area of parenting and whether a child that has been read to, fares better at school than a child that was not read to.



I enjoy reading to my children.  Sometimes I am reluctant to abandon my tv show to go and sit on their beds and read “Find Teddy Bear” or what ever the book is called.

Once I have read the story, I always feel good.  I get that little warm glow that you do when your realised you have done parenting well, or just a bit well.  I also enjoy, as the kids age, the changing levels at which they participate in the stories.

How they remember the “punch lines” or realise too quickly if you have tried to skip three pages. Or make the sounds of the character eating, or sleeping or falling.

Connor is too cool for me to read him a story.

I usually read stories to Georgia and Isabelle together.

There are times however when you can’t always read your child a book, but it would be nice to have some of the classic tales read to them, or have good podcasts on hand.

I know it is easier to pop on a DVD to pass the time, but the beauty of reading is that it creates the story in your child’s head, and your child’s imagination fills in the details — which often they can’t do with a DVD, because all the details are supplied.

I like what goes on in my head when someone tells me a story, or when I read a story.

My brain is able to imagine the tastes, the smells, the sights and the sounds.  My “hearing” of the story differs from everyone else’s, and that is the power of reading and books.

I read the Book Thief and it was one of those stories, the easily evokes the scenes and the characters in your head.  Everyone who I now who has read it, was equally enthralled with the story, and how their mind was able to sketch and colour in the characters.

I am always looking for audio stories that I can play to the kids either when we are driving, or maybe when they are tucked into my bed, and I prefer them not to watch a movie.

I found a few on this site – IONA.FM  this morning, and it includes

Alice in Wonderland

Playtime (BBC Learning)

Step inside a Story

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Secret Garden

There are also several Afrikaans podcasts, which are pretty good, and really useful if your child is learning Afrikaans at school and you have an accent like I do when you are trying to help them with their pronunciation.

There are 25 podcast channels for books for children at this stage.

If you were wondering where Gareth Cliff went to –  you can also find him here:


There are several podcasts – you may want to listen to : Clinical Sexologist Prof Elna McIntosh in studio chatting to Gareth on the Gareth Cliff Show would be an interesting one to start with.


Happy podcasting.

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  1. This is such a great idea. My parents did not read to us…I guess 4 kids were too much, but they did engender a love of reading in us. I feel bad about the reading thing, because I do not like to read kiddies books. Dr Seuss is nuts!
    When my child was younger I would read whatever I happened to be reading and now that he can understand better, I read classics, but I still cannot stand those kiddies books.

  2. countesskaz

     /  July 23, 2014

    help us plaas jaapies..Pod casts? step by step to access it please? I know what it is but I dont know how to access it.

    • Click on the link – you will see the category/section and the stories — stories might have episods/chapters.

      You click on the chapter and it starts to audio stream — like youtube but no visual only audio. You can usually live audio stream, or in some cases you may wish to download the audio stream, so that it is saved to what ever device you are on, and then you can listen to it when you are working off-line/do not have internet access.

      I hope I am sort of explaining that correctly.

      Basically if you understand how youtube works, it is the exact same principle, just without the pictures.

  3. ludditelass

     /  July 23, 2014

    Thanks for the links. At the moment my older son is listening to the Just So Stories on his headphones in the evening while I read a book with the younger one. Listening to podcasts also works like a charm when the age difference means their reading tastes are miles apart.

    • Definitely …… I love the fact that there are so many free podcasts, just sitting there waiting to be used.


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