#ctmeetup and social anxiety …… and neck sweat


This is happening — and is has been organised by the highly efficient and very talented Cindy.  She has a great post with all the bodies who will be attending.

Sounds great.  I am sure it will be better than great.  More great!!


Me?  I am feeling nauseous.  I have neck sweat and the feeling of bile sitting in the back of my throat.

I do love social anxiety.

I checked my diary –  it is the 9 August 2014 – nine days away.  Only 8 days.  I can already see myself staring at the ceiling at night wondering what hell I have set myself up for.

I am sure it will be lovely.

I am sure it will be more than lovely.

I am sure it will be fabulous.

I am sure I will trip as I walk in.

I am sure I will be more socially awkward than normal, which is already pretty sad and tragic.

I really am feeling a bit ill.

I am trying to work out whether I can write myself a sick note.

I get flushed at the thought of having to make conversation with anyone.

I called Charlotte and asked her if she would hold my hand — the entire time.  So we are going.  Like a couple.  An awkward couple.  She suggested we drink Appletizer.  I suggested she take her medication.  {no I didn’t}