The peaceful majority were irrelevant …..

I found this particularly good —–  

Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly »



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  1. Bonnie

     /  September 28, 2014

    She is saying that the peaceful majority were irrelevant “during those times.” The word irrelevant, in this case, means “not pertinent to the subject under consideration”. When terrorism drives an agenda and peaceful people cannot do anything about it, their being peaceful becomes irrelevant – she is not talking about the people, per se, she is talking about the peaceful agenda, so you shouldn’t take offense if you are any one of these people because it is not personal. We all know that not all entities are evil, including Muslims (I work with many at our hospital and we love them), and there are those who will lump them together, for those people I feel sorry; however, the more intelligent people will know that some does not mean all. Just like the American White Supremacists (who have darkened our doorsteps recently and bought land) – God forbid I be lumped in with these venom-spewing people of hate. However, in the whole scheme of white supremacy, I would be irrelevant – “not pertinent to their cause.” It helps to know all of the meanings of the one word.

  2. Coco

     /  August 19, 2014

    I think she should not have used the word “irrelevant” good is never irrelevant good is an absolute necessity. The difficulty is that bad is a “cancer” an infestation it is similar to an army of ants getting into a packet of a sugar, what do you do? Do you sit for hours and carefully picking out all the ants or do you chuck away the packet of sugar. Human life can obviously never be compared to that of an ant but why I am trying to say is that evil is all consuming, a cloud before the sun. In this day and age we are forgetting that, yes it may be faster and easier to chuck the packet of sugar but maybe the time we will spend picking out the ants may be more rewarding because once lost always lost.

    The sugar should turn their back on the ants, refuse them entry, make it very clear and widely known that they ants are not welcome.

    She ask the girl what nationality she is and she should support the men and women protecting her country. Who and what are you firstly when you describe yourself?Nationality / Religion / Sex /Culture or Religion / Nationality / Culture / Sex etc or you can ask yourself if you have to die fighting for one of the four for which one of the four would you be prepared to die fighting for..

  3. I think the point is, we should all fear extremists of all types in this world.

  4. I have to agree with everything Fatima says. As a non-Muslim, my understanding is that Boko Haram has essentially become a cult lead by a man who thinks he has prophetic or special powers – as far as I can tell as an outsider, it no longer has anything to do with Islam at all, (although all the members were originally “Muslims”) but merely about what this leader says he thinks is right or wrong based on the voices in his head. It makes no sense to link cults lead by one crazy person to an entire religion at all.

    I am an atheist but do not judge the whole of Christianity on those crazed mass suicide cults, nor atheism on the actions of Josef Stalin. Sadly, crazy people can be found in all belief groups. I have read more stories of terrifying Christian cults than I can process. I also notice in the video that she is confusing categories – most Germans were peaceful, but Nazis (extremist group) killed people. Most Chinese people were peaceful, the Commmunist government (extremist group) killed people. Most Japanese people were peaceful, the monarchy killed people. And in a similar vein, most Muslims are peaceful, radical cults or sects kill people. Why does she separate all other categories correctly but not Muslims vs extremists?

  5. Fatima

     /  August 17, 2014

    Actually, although she’s eloquent, I think her argument is absolute rubbish. It is not okay to say that the “peaceful” majority of a group are irrelevant. They’re not. It is never okay to generalise and paint people of the same religion/ethnic group/nationality/anything with the same negative brush.

    Is it okay to generalise and say that because some men are rapists and child abusers all males are sexually depraved and treat them as such? Is it okay to say that because some Nigerians are fraudsters that the fact that there are other Nigerians that are honest and hardworking is irrelevant? It is not okay to say that the Germans who opposed Nazism were irrelevant because of those who followed it.

    It’s attitudes like this which lead to stereotypes and xenophobia and communities filled with fear and hatred and intolerance.

    And as a Muslim, I am particularly angry that she would say that the billions of followers of my beautiful, peaceful, religion are irrelevant because of the few that have hijacked my religion to pursue violent aims. I do not identify or support groups like ISIS or Boko Haram and it is EXTREMELY important to me (and to all other Muslims that I know) that people know that and do not lump us in the same category as them just because I am Muslim.

    In fact, when you do that, when you identify me with those “Muslims” who are not acting in my name, when you tell me that I am to be treated the same because I am “irrelevant”, you’re actually being extremely counter-productive with your anti-violent/anti-terrorism goals. Instead of having me on your side against those who you are against, you ensure that you make enemies out of all of us, instead of just those who are actually the problem.


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