Maybe princes shouldn’t kiss dead girls in the forest ……. just saying



This evening I was watching a trailer for Maleficent.  Georgia had seen it already and I needed to remind her that she mustn’t spoil the story for me, as I had not watched it as yet.

Georgia told me that her favourite princess was Rapunzel (both share hair of a ridiculous length) and that Sleeping Beauty came in a close second.

I looked at Georgia and felt the overwhelming urge to remind her that “she did not have to be saved by a Prince….”

She is clever enough, strong enough and street smart enough to save herself, and get herself out of nearly any situation by using her smarts.

A prince on a white horse was not needed.

She nodded and still stared glazed eyed at the images on the screen.

I decided to not let this moment pass.  I reminded her that wasn’t she the best at Math in her standard – wasn’t she the cleverest and most creative girl we knew?

Wasn’t she brave and determined enough to get herself out of nearly any situation, without the aid of a prince.  On a horse.  Who needed to stop by and kiss dead girls in the forest?

A guy who  would make life altering decisions based on whether a shoe fitted someone?   Because he seemed to be unable to recognise the women he spent a few hours dancing with.

I am not anti fairy tales, I love the whimsy and the total abandon.

I am however aware that every fairy tale has a princess, or fair maiden waiting for a prince to rescue them.

I think it would be great for a prince or princess to rescue any of my girls if they were in a predicament.  My sense seems to revolt at the point where as girls, they are cast as the damsel in distress, and they need to have a prince to rescue them.

I know it is a silly and probably irrelevant differentiation, but I want my girls to grow up knowing, and believing they are capable of anything.

Even rescuing a prince who happened to have his finger pricked on a sewing needle.

Alternatively questioning a prince who would ride past and kiss a girl who for all intense purposes who seemed to be dead.

A prince who can’t recall a visual nor the name of the person he had danced with the night before.

These are princes who you do not actually want to mix any DNA with.

Happily ever after is a challenge.  At best choose a prince who can do facial recognition, does not want t to kiss every dead girl he rides past, and most importantly appears to have some sort of an income where he is not dependent on his parents.

Otherwise, as you were.


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  1. You aren’t alone in this opinion. That is why I love the movie Brave. Lately my daughter has been obsessing over the traditional Disney princess movies and talking all the time about people being in love. She’s five, but I already feel like it’s important to start teaching her that she is no damsel in distress waiting to be saved.

  2. We are a fan of Frozen have yet to see Maleficent.

  3. Colleen

     /  November 13, 2014

    I think Disney got the memo – they definitely seem more empowering – No prince need apply. He’s a nice to have but not a necessity.

  4. I think this is why Frozen was such a big hit with parents. I found it really boring but it has a great ending that twists the classical ending of a Disney princess needing to be saved by a prince, and also pointing out that true love cannot be established when you barely know said prince!

  5. Heather

     /  November 11, 2014

    Well said. I think fairy tales / movies are changing now to more assertive and independent female princesses. I think that need to be rescued by a man is from a bygone era.

  6. Correen

     /  November 11, 2014

    I think, in this case, you are going to enjoy Maleficent!

  7. charliesbird

     /  November 11, 2014

    And this is why I like Brave and Frozen.

  8. JOYCE

     /  November 11, 2014


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