Sex Education in Schools ….. 100% effective

sex education classes


I was telling someone recently, having “children who were considering being sexually active” join you at a few visits to the Spur, and they oversee the children.

See that it is impossible to hold a conversation with an adult.

See that there will be at least one sticky glass of cooldrink poured over the table.

As your food arrives, a child will demand to go to the bathroom – where you will spend the next 15 minutes. – whilst your food gets cold, grey and what ever the sauce is congeals.

Only to get back to the table, take a bite, and have another child (and in some cases the same one) who needs to go to the toilet for a number 2.

Someone will end up crying because they did not get what they ordered, when in actual fact they got exactly what they had ordered.

You will end up crying because you cannot wave down a waiter to bring you enough beer or wine to make this awful evening start looking like something less awful.

Sex education should just be following a family around with children ……. a few no sleep nights with poop on you, vomit all over your shirt and sleep that lasts in 8 minute bursts will probably reduce the population dramatically -and prevent 1000 of school girl pregnancies.


Credit to Scary Mom for the image. 

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  1. May

     /  August 18, 2015

    Excellent idea! Spur and the birthing video 😂
    I’m going to try this as soon my kids hit puberty👍

  2. They actually just need one close up photo of a baby crowning. That’ll be the end of it.

    • That would actually do it.
      I feel quite strongly that a mom taking a shit on the birthing table may well lead to a permanent state of virginity for everyone.

  3. Hahaaaaa! My mom brought my (then 15 year-old) sister with her to watch the birth of my third baby. It was a drug-free, natural birth. My sister completed high school still a virgin…

  4. Bahaha…as I sit here nursing my 8 month old after four hours of interrupted sleep whilst my toddler screams “I want to watch Frozen Mommy! MOMMY! MOMMY! I need ELSA!” in the background…I feel like this post is 100% accurate. Perhaps I should show them my cracked and bleeding nipples after becoming a human soother to a teething infant…that should do the trick too 😉👍

    Thanks Reluctant Mom for another post that made me chuckle!


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