I do have stuff to blog about … but now I am out of time …. so just quickly now

There have been some really cool things that have happened, which I do want to blog about – but things are a little bit hectic on the work/earning money to buy bread and cheese front, so I just have not had a chance to sit down and put some words into any sort of order.

Quick update/overview/shit I am sorry, there is just not enough time to get more words together:


Everest 3D : Say this recently at @numetro.  Holy shitballs was this a good movie.  It was brilliant.

The film opened the 72nd Venice International Film Festival on September 2, 2015, and was released theatrically on September 18, 2015.[4] It is based on the real events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, and focuses on the survival attempts of two expedition groups, one led by Rob Hall (Clarke) and the other by Scott Fischer (Gyllenhaal).

I still sat at the edge of my seat the entire way through.  I contacted a friend John who has been up Everest and a few other vertical shaped mountains and he commented that the terrain was very “real” — I took that to mean, yep, it is almost the exact same as being there.

You know how you see something amazing then you go “I want to do that one day” — this was nothing like that.  I am quite happy here on sea level, without having to dig up possibly empty oxygen bottles in the snow.  Yep, later for that as a plan. But great movie.

Blog Meet-Up : There was a blog meet up.

Not like a big thing with gift bags and awkward sponsor product discussions, but the kind where you drink wine and argue about whether it is okay to test beauty products on animals or whether we should just eat them and turn them into shoes.

It was actually just a lovely dinner with girls who blog, used to blog, might never blog again siting and shooting the breeze.  I can honestly say I liked everyone.  The one thing we had in common was we all seemed to dislike other people.  Which is sort of sweet, endearing and could be a very successful Valentine’s Day card.

Sharon blogged about it here – http://www.theblessedbarrenness.co.za/we-went-away-i-came-home-fatter/

Here is the photograph of us ….. for reasons that are unclear the entire universe appears warped and we all have zombie eyes in various stages of “I am going to eat your face….”


It really was a lovely evening.

Apologies for the not quite everyone smiling at the same time — it was that point where cameras were going off, you did not know where to look, to smile and well you needed to sip your wine because your face was getting sore sort of moment.

I made a huge leap in my work life : I have been planning, thinking, trying to motivate myself to start a training arm of my business, but to be honest I have just been too damn scared.

I kept finding reasons why not to, which all started with “yes, I know, but………..” and then I didn’t.  I did my first training workshop today.  I felt sick with the ”
worry of failure” and could only imagine this turning into one huge disaster.

It wasn’t.  It was really great.  I walked away from today’s session knowing I had made a difference in these women’s lives.  Even if it was a small one.

It really made me feel good.  I wanted to high five myself for finally getting it done and starting.

Jana from Moomie:  I am meeting with Jana from Moomie later this month.  She sold the idea as me meeting her for coffee.  I have not broken it to her I do not drink coffee, but getting together for a Rooibos sounds a tad insipid, so I just went with it.

Jana is now talking about a youtube interview ……. right, that should not go well at all.

Will keep you updated if it goes well, I look fabulous and can form words.  Alternatively we shall just never speak of this again.

Right now : I have a touch of light flu.  I have a large wine glass in hand, I am aiming to a hot bath (because by now hopefully the geyzer will have hot water ….. the challenges of living with a dozen bodies) and I am going to lie there and read my book.

In case you are not aware there is the Nando’s Presents Mass Hysteria 2015, Artscape Theatre Centre (14-25 October) – tickets range between R185.00 and R270.00 per person.  I love stand up comedy, so I am really looking forward to the show. Pop along and grab some tickets > or see if you know a sponsor who can organise you a set of freebies. {I do not know anyone of that inner circle.}



Okay that is enough from me.



I actually just wanted to just post this little meme – then I got carried away and wrote stuff.  It made me laugh.  Things that tap into my warped version of reality make me smile.



Later chickens, I need to find some hot water and lie in a bath until I fall asleep.

For him to find.

I have been a bit distracted as of late with putting together blog posts, so I do apologise for that.  I haven’t quite got over the writer’s hump I am feeling, so not sure when it will be “programming as usual” ….. it won’t be today.

I have however decide to shamelessly steal this from For Reading Addicts …. but I went along to look where it had come from originally:

When I worked at BMP, the Head of Television commuted in from
Brighton every day.
He started reading The Exorcist on the train.
He said he thought it was the most evil book he’d ever read.
In fact, he said it was so evil he couldn’t finish it.
So, at the weekend, he went to the end of Brighton pier and threw
it as far as he could.
So I went to the bookshop.
I bought another copy.
Then I ran it under the tap.
And left it in his desk drawer.
For him to find.
As Dawn French says, “If it’s funny it’s not bad taste. And if it’s bad taste it’s not funny.”

Credit to the source: Dave Trott’s mischievous seeding of Creative Mischief
Read more at http://adland.tv/ad-books/dave-trotts-mischievous-seeding-creative-mischief#EsCJtFRs2LmfWLAp.99

Atelophobia …… Did you know this was even a thing?



Where do I sign up for this club?  You know how you thought you were just crazy and had insane thoughts, then you find out there is an actual word for it.


A bit like this.