For him to find.

I have been a bit distracted as of late with putting together blog posts, so I do apologise for that.  I haven’t quite got over the writer’s hump I am feeling, so not sure when it will be “programming as usual” ….. it won’t be today.

I have however decide to shamelessly steal this from For Reading Addicts …. but I went along to look where it had come from originally:

When I worked at BMP, the Head of Television commuted in from
Brighton every day.
He started reading The Exorcist on the train.
He said he thought it was the most evil book he’d ever read.
In fact, he said it was so evil he couldn’t finish it.
So, at the weekend, he went to the end of Brighton pier and threw
it as far as he could.
So I went to the bookshop.
I bought another copy.
Then I ran it under the tap.
And left it in his desk drawer.
For him to find.
As Dawn French says, “If it’s funny it’s not bad taste. And if it’s bad taste it’s not funny.”

Credit to the source: Dave Trott’s mischievous seeding of Creative Mischief

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  1. Alexandra

     /  October 13, 2015


  2. LOVE it! Hahaaaa!


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