Happy Mo-Vember everyone!!

I am not a “hair on the face” sort of girl.  I wax my top lip, the least I expect my partner to do is shave.

But I am a fan of Mo-Vember.  If you are not sure exactly what it is about, click along and read up more.

I am not planning on growing a moustache out of choice, but in the event that you may like one, here are a few templates and you can pick one and wear it around the office, or when you are vying for that all important promotion ….


My personal favourite is the fuhrer moustache and hair – though clearly it does appear to be somewhat “politically incorrect” – but it makes me snort, and I just need to find the right time to wear it.


<My kids were shrieking with laughter when I put these things on this evening. Georgia loved the “fuhrer” stuff ….I tried to dissuade her … why is it that kids are attracted to the thing you want them not to like?? >

Educational Worksheets … use them or don’t … just don’t send me hate mail!!

I am not an educator.

I do not suggest I am anything when it comes to teaching children.

I am not even suggesting this material will or will not cause your child to drool excessively and develop an ugly twitch.

From time to time I sit and devise little educational work sheets for my kids.  Sometimes for no other reason that “just because.” I do find I am most inspired when I am rushing to a deadline and need to really focus my attention on something else, then I am really good and doing pretty much anything, other than focussing on the deadline.

The problem is that I seldom remember to bring them home and actually give them to my kids. <I also write letters, put them in envelopes and never put stamps on them and post them.  Thank gd for email — and sms ……>

I have loads of worksheets, and really no one to give them to.

I once labelled nearly everything in the house with little name tags, so Connor could learn the spelling of the “fridge” and the “cookie cupboard” with neatly printed ARIAL font tags.

I printed them out.  I had them laminated. I never brought them home.  They are still in a box from  “a job I had 4 years ago…”

I really am quite a good mother-educator, problem is I have zero follow through.

With that in mind, I thought it might be useful/fun/play it forward to upload the little educational sheets I create.

At least if I am too lazy to get my A into G and give them to my kids, there is a remote chance that you might print them out and your kids can benefit from them.

Or you can just print them out and doodle with them at work.

I find making paper aeroplanes of really important documents really a great way to pass time.

You can ignore them and just sigh into your cup of coffee.

What ever you do – please, please please, do not send me critical emails or post comments explaining how I can make them better/or how they are educationally deficient and I not really doing anything more than wasting your precious time and the life of a tree.

Really – don’t!

Want the pdf of this so you can print it out in better quality?  You can get access to it here.


Let me know if it works for you, or doesn’t – would be nice to know.