Alison Moyet Ticket Giveaway …

I know I said I would announce this on the 9 September, but we have already established I am a little sucky at administration.

More random finger pointing at the screen whilst I scroll with my right hand finger on the mouse.  I usually have to do it several times, as I often get “dead space” on my screen when I scroll with reckless abandon.

The winner of set of double tickets to see Alison Moyet performance on the 13th December 2013 goes to:


I really should have withdrawn this entry, because we know how much I adore smiley faces ….. but I am trying to be a bit reasonable and accepting of everyone’s little quirks.

Mandi – please email your contact details to me and I can get you in touch with the organiser to collect the tickets –

I see that she is also performing in Cape Town for those who can remember the 80’s and her music.


Poetry gave me beautiful “book” mobiles ….

I saw these wonderful mobiles made from books at the Poetry Store – they are gorgeous, and when you look at them, each “element” is made from a folded book’s pages.  The mobiles are designed by the multi-talented Shaw Sisters.

SHAW SISTERS was founded in 2010 by sisters Angela Shaw of Koop Design and Janet Shaw of The Zulu Beadwork Project, both based in Durban.

We love handmade product and our vision is to identify, source and develop quality crafted goods for South African and international markets.

Window 2

{Poetry Store windows with the book mobiles}

The mobile has brown satin ribbon joining the elements and it is exquisite.

I did a giveaway a little while ago, and I was really disappointed that there were so few people/readers who wanted one.  I only got two comments – thus two entries.  I thought there would be more people who would love to take home one of these mobiles.

I received my mobiles today, and I am so thrilled, thank you very much Poetry.

The nice folks at Poetry said that both Alexandra and Amy can pop along to their nearest Poetry Store and collect a mobile each.

Alexandra and Amy, please let me know which Poetry Store is closest to you so that I can let the store manager know, and if you would let me have your full names and contact numbers so I can give them to the store managers.

Enjoy the mobiles – your book club will platz when they see them!



Here is a gift for you … if you live in Johannesburg

In the spirit of happy Friday and Reluctant Mom Blog turning FOUR, I have a double set of tickets for the Iconic Electro Pop Diva – ALISON MOYET who is performing at Emperors Palace on the 13th and 14th December 2013.


The Reluctant Mom Blog has a set of double tickets to give away for the performance on the 13th December 2013.  

Alison Moyet was definitely a staple of my growing up years.  I remember her from the formation of the synthpop duo Yazoo with former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke.

It was the best group – outside of Depeche Mode, who I have loved from afar for many years.  I adored Yazoo. Loved her.  She has this smokey husky voice, and was everything that was brilliant about the ’80’s.


Yazoo unfortunately did not last long, but had some phenomenal musics and Vince Clark went on to form Eurasure, and Alison Moyet went out on her own.

I saw her on the Graham Norton Show a few weeks back, and she performed – she is still beautiful and her voice is divine, divine, divine.  Soulful and gorgeous.

In Johannesburg, available to attend the Alison Moyet Concert on the 13 December 2013, with your bestie or your husband or your vaguely significant other?

Follow this blog (there is a doo-hickey on the right hand side of the blog – so click that) and leave a comment on this blog post – you can pretty much say anything you like – and you are in with a CHANCE to win tickets.

Winner will be announced on 9 September.

Clearly I am not flying you anywhere and you will not be staying with me, nor will I be picking up your bar tab.  No, I am not giving you the money instead of the tickets.  Yes, you can breastfeed at the show — I am sure.   I am giving you tickets, the rest, is up to you to arrange.






The Beautiful Poetry Book Collection Campaign


Window 1

Window 2

The lovely people at Poetry sent this to me because we all know how much I adore books – and I love programmes that support literacy and getting books into people’s hands.

The beautiful folded book mobiles that are hanging in the windows are the result of a wonderful collaboration with the talented Shaw Sisters– Durban-based entrepreneurs.

To celebrate our love for books and the importance of literacy, we have launched a campaign whereby you can donate any books or buy a bookmark for R10 at any Poetry store.

Books will be sent and all the funds from the sale of the bookmarks will be donated to one of our trusted partners, Ikamva Labantu, for their much needed Literacy Programme.

For more information on iKamva Labantu –

This clever and beautiful Poetry Campaign runs until the 19 August 2013 – so stop in at any Poetry Store and donate a book, buy a bookmark.

Donate some books to a great cause, and find a way to walk around and buy gorgeous goodies from Poetry.  I do not think it is possible to not pick up things, rub them, smell them in Poetry – one of my favourite stores – I feel all airy and fairy when I walk around the store, it is like scratching your “best friend who has such good taste’s” cupboard.

Side bar:  The lovely people at Poetry will be giving me some of the lovely folded book mobiles to give away when the campaign is over.

Did I just hear you squeak?  Or was it just me?  Book folded mobiles …. oh my.

If you want to receive a gorgeous, unique book folded mobile and be the envy of your book/wine club –  then leave a comment on this blog post — you can leave a comment until 12 August 2013 – you will need to be in South Africa to receive this one.

Winner picked randomly — sort of!

You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.

I really adore books – and I love that so many people who stop by my blog are equally as excited about books as I am.

Books make the best gifts.  Long after the toys are broken, the batteries lost, and the wine bottles empty, you can still read the book again, or stack them up high in your passage and start looking at bit like Hoarders Buried Alive.

I truly love books.

I love Dr Suess – and I think it gets clever as you get older, and you can read more into the bits of “nonsense”.

I am so please that the winner – chosen sort of randomly {the judges decision is final, and no argument or dissension will be tolerated} gets to share these books with her (I assume it is a her, I have no idea of the name other than sparrow202) family and pass them on …. and have a part in the forever life that is great books.

Congratulations – please send a note via Facebook with your contact details and address – delivery is usually with a courier, so somewhere during the daylight hours where someone can accept a parcel and sign for it.

Please send through the delivery details – and please let them be in South Africa!!  Small detail I should have added in the small print of the giveaway.  But then I realised there was no small print. Okay, I will stop rambling now.

Enjoy.  And apologise I did not do this by Tuesday like I said I was going to.



Thanks Exclusive Books – you are nice folks!


“Being crazy isn’t enough.” Exclusive Books Giveaway ….Dr Suess Hamper

20130708_dr seuss

{this is a sponsored post from my favourite book retailer – Exclusive Books}


Between 1 July and 31 July 2013, the world of Dr Seuss filled with Grinches, Cats in Hats, Foxes in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham and other such weird and wonderful creatures, will come alive at Exclusive Books. A bumper Dr Seuss month featuring special books, puzzles, board games and plush toys at fabulous prices will be available for the young and the young at heart.

Dr Seuss titles such as Oh The Places You Will Go, The Bippolo Seed, The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham are a part of the fabric of childhood.

They are the stories that entertain, thrill and amuse every child with fantastic-al rhythms and marvellous rhymes.

However, the most wonderful part about Dr Seuss is the motivational message in his stories.

For centuries, he has encouraged children to be brave, be original and make their own way in the world as seen in his quote – “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Fantastic Dr Seuss themed events for children will take place at stores around the country on Saturday 13 July at 11h00 and 13h00. The stores participating include: Canal Walk in Cape Town, Mimosa Mall in Bloemfontein, Walmer Park in Port Elizabeth, Gateway in Durban, Nicolway in Johannesburg and Centurion in Pretoria.

Exclusive Books looks forward to welcoming the Dr Seuss fans of South Africa to their stores to take up the great promotions on offer.

As Dr Seuss said “Fun is good!” and we plan to have lots of it in July.

I love Dr Suess.

If you don’t have anything in your children’s bookshelves yet, then please please take advantage of this give away.  You know how much I adore books, and a hamper of Dr Suess is a brilliant gift.

Know someone having a birthday soon? Or want to hide this away until Xmas?  Or just want to jump out wearing your striped hat screaming “surprise!”


I have a stunning Dr Seuss Hamper Give Away which consisting of a plush toy, Dr Seuss box set collection and puzzle valued at one thousand smacker’oos.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post before some random time on Sunday afternoon, 14 July 2013 – you will be entered, and I will announce the winner on Tuesday, 16 July 2013.

Just leave a comment with your favourite Dr Seuss quote {here are a couple to help you along the way}…. and that is all.  I will pick a winner and send you a Dr Suess Hamper.  What?  No seriously it is that easy.  No need to “like” “repost” “re-like” “retweet” or what ever else that usually drives me crazy.

I like competitions you can enter and then just win stuff.


Yay for Exclusive Books, and yay for Theodor Seuss Geisel and yay for you for having a fairly good chance of winning.

daddy, daddy cool …. hummed to the boney m tune ….

Father’s Day in South Africa 2013 is on Sunday, 16 June …..

Here’s my list of what makes a daddy-daddy-cool dad

  1. Put their interests first, always.
  2. Protect them.
  3. Teach your son how to be a polite and courteous man.
  4. Teach your daughter that she is loved, and adored and does not need to gain anyone’s approval.
  5. Show them by example.
  6. Spend your spare time with them.
  7. Give them hugs.  Tell them you love them.
  8. Do the “mom” stuff – get involved in the routine stuff.
  9. Read to them.
  10. Put the iphone down, interact with them.
  11. Stand by their mom – be a united front – don’t fight in front of them.
  12. Teach them self-esteem.
  13. Teach them about finances.
  14. Be good to yourself.

It’s not a comprehensive list, but there are my 14 – feel free to add a few, or change to suit.

Exclusive Books has teamed up with Reluctant Mom, and I have a great collection of books to give away to the special dad in your life – it can be anyone’s dad.  Maybe it’s your dad, your granddad, your children’s dad, your teacher’s dad, a dad you know who is just a cool dad – someone who can be a daddy-daddy-cool dad for 2013.

He does need to know how to read, else the books are really going to be wasted on him.  So give that some consideration as you work through the possible people you want to nominate.

What is better than giving away one collection of books from Exclusive Books?

Giving away two collections!!   Yay — I am so excited, because you know how much I love books.

Nominate the dad you think could do with a lie on the couch, a pile of books, and some decent coffee or a cold beer — sorry I can’t supply the coffee or the beer — but I can supply the books.

Leave a comment, nominate your dad-person, and tell us why he is such a cool guy, and a great dad.  

Two hampers, two chances up for grabs.  These are awesome books.  No need to even get in your car and drive to the store to collect them – we will deliver them to you {entries are limited to addresses in south africa — okay, that is pretty much all the small print}

No retweet, repost or any crazy stuff –  just leave a comment.  Here on this post.  And that as they say is all.

Entries close on Monday, the 17th June 2013 – some time after sunset.    I will announce the winners of the two hampers on Friday, 21 June 2013.

Easy?  Freaking easy and awesome — nominate your person.  Done!

Exclusive Books Logo

Knock knock, whose there …. the Organics winner that’s who ….

Thanks to everyone who entered, thanks to everyone who wheeled out their Knock Knock jokes – it really is one of those that no matter how stupid they are, you still manage a smile.

When I was at Technikon here was a slew of really bad jokes without a real punch line, which at the time I thought were hysterical.  Now I just think I was under medicated.

The Organics Hamper winner is


Andrea – please send through your physical address – courier will need to deliver – please send this via Facebook.

The reason Reluctant Mom Blog has no commercial longevity …

Partly because I am super kak with administration around my blog.

I love blogging, but I blog when I feel like it — sometimes it is twice a day, some times it will take me two weeks to write a post.  I do it when I feel like it.

I did a Disney Hamper Giveaway recently.

Today I realised that I sort of dropped the ball on the key thing — the giveaway part.  It all ran well until the part where I had to pick someone.  And remember to tell them. Right then, that needs to be actioned.  Immediately.

I know it is really cute to print names out and have your children pick them out of a hat or Tupperware b0wl – also great for Instagram pictures, and makes it look all organised and cute and stuff.

Winner idea, but sadly I just am not arsed that organised.

I went with the other way.

Put your right hand on your scroll button, put your pointing finger of your left hand on the screen, close your eyes, and then scroll, stop and open your eyes and see who you chose.  Totally random.

If you scroll like a lunatic, then you may need to repeat the exercise three times to actually land on someone, as opposed to dead area on your screen – scroll down long enough and it just turns into nothingness.

It is not scientific.  But there we go (the photo is clearly taken after the fact – and for dramatic demonstration purposes – and a reminder that I need to think about getting botox on my fingers …. do they do that?)

Tracy Blues, please message me on Facebook with your details, and I will ask the people over at Disney PR to get cracking and get your pirate stuff off to you PRONTO.


Next, I need to pick two recipients for the “So Close” by Tertia Albertyn book — sorry, that was meant to be sorted ages ago, but then it wasn’t.

So, that will be sorted this week.

The one where I stole shampoo … and then gave you some ….

{this is partly a sponsored post ….. just product sponsored not curb my words sponsored}

Georgia’s friend Cara stayed over at our home a few weekends back.

Karen, Cara’s mom, always sends Cara with enough food, support supplies and pretty much anything you can think of.  I think the idea is that if we decide to keep Cara, her mom has sent enough stuff with for us to look after her for at least 10 – 12 years before we would need to leave the house and buy her anything.  Nice mom that Karen is!!

Cara arrived with a bottle of Organics Shampoo.  I noticed the bottle in the bathroom, because I could smell it.

Good smells in our bathroom are the exception.


Between what ever gets dropped into the toilet and my dog who believes pee’ing against the side of the toilet will endear himself to me, the fragrance of nice smelling shampoo was pretty heady stuff.

Cara left the shampoo behind by accident, and when it came to hair wash night (for the kids) I wondered if she would mind if I used a bit for the girls’ hair.  Oh my goody-ness what divine shampoo it turned out to be.

I really cannot recall if I returned the now used bottle the next time Cara stayed over, or continued to use it all and not  say anything.  There is a fairly good chance I might have quietly kept it and used it and never said anything to Karen …. sorry about that.

I really love the Organics range, it smells good.  I used to use the Organics shampoo range for my kids – the stuff in the large green bottles, and was always happy with that range, but these bottles and products are nice for the girls, Connor is a bit too old for this.

I love the packaging – its fun – and I like it when monkey’s eyes do not go in the same direction.

I recently bought the Organics Kids Funtagly Detangling Spray to use on the girls hair, as brushing, screaming and crying has been synonymous with our mornings and on nights when we wash hair.


My girls have really long hair — Georgia’s is way past her bum, and Isabelle’s is almost at the end of her back — so we are a hair-in-multitude family.

I can’t say in all honesty if it works. The girls like it.  There seems to be less screaming and crying when I spray it on their hair whilst combing, but it may be a placebo effect as it smells so damn good.

To take the above photograph I had to go and hunt for where Georgia put the spray, as she swiped it off my desk long ago and has been using it in the mornings, so this week has definitely been less tearful.

I don’t feel it is overpriced – there are some great kids products, but then I stand there wondering if I should buy the product or pay a bond installment that month.  These products are in the R39.99 range, from what I remember and I would think a bottle will survive a month with my three.

I like the Coconutty smell the most, but have bought the Strawbelicious for the girls.

The detangling spray is fruity – I just sprayed it on my hair.  I have no idea what it is supposed to smell like, it just smells good — I can still smell it on my hair, when I push my hair against my nose.

So there is my punt for a product range that I really like.

The friendly nice people at Organics’ PR company sent me a hamper with:  Coconutty 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Strawbelicious 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Mangomania Shampoo and Conditions, and Funtagly Detangling Spray for me to try out.

Thanks very much, already using them, always nice to have some more.


Would you like the same hamper I have received?

Leave a comment on this blog post, before close of day on Tuesday, 28 May 2013.  I will pick a winner comment, and then you will receive a hamper.

Really simple easy. No pain.  No clandescent liking and reposting needed – just leave a comment.  Here.  Now.  That is all.

What do you need to leave as a comment?  Your worst knock-knock joke of course.  For no other reason than we all have a really corny knock knock joke on hand when our kids ask us to tell them a joke.  Here’s mine:

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Cows go.

Cows go who?

No, cows go moo!

Princesses, manners and sharing ….

{sponsored post, but very cute girl show}

Both my girls love princess things.  Definitely more Georgia than Isabelle.

Isabelle wore a penguin hat all day on Sunday but told everyone she was a chicken —  she might be into farm animals more, but she is failing on the ability to recognise farm animals, which we need to look in to.

Isabelle only likes princess stuff if Georgia is holding a princess thing, and Isabelle wants it now.  From her.

Isabelle will invoke the “share share share” request usually associated with wild arm waving, a grabbing motion and snot collecting on her upper lip.

I have given up trying to dissuade the girls that princesses lack career paths, any ambition and appear to have no aspirations other than marrying well.

Trying to deny your girl child the right to become the princess she dreams about, is about as futile as trying to deny your boy child the right to play with guns.

I do not buy guns for my boy child, ever.  But sooner or later he is going to make a “gun” out of macaroni and stand around going “peeuw-peeuw” whilst you roll your eyes and wonder where it all went so wrong.

Girls are going to want to be princesses.  Boys are going to want to make guns and jump off the roof into the pool.

Accept it.  Ensure your medical aid is up to date (for the boys) and take your credit card out for a little run (for your girl.)

The folks over at Walt Disney’s PR company contacted me and asked me if I would kindly tune my DSTV to channel 309 (Junior Disney) – Sofia the   First on Saturday 11 May at 09:00.

Okay, so I have missed that date, but definitely booked the TV lounge for Saturday the 18th May 2013.


So the folks over at the PR place say:  While Disney princess fairytales have been enchanting audiences for more than 70 years, this is the first time a series has centered on a princess as a little girl.

The stories are designed to communicate positive messages and life lessons that are applicable to preschool-aged children. The series is a production of Disney Television Animation.

Sofia the First stories are set in the storybook world of young Sofia who starts out life as a regular girl. But when her mum marries the king, she is whisked off to a glamorous, but sometimes confusing, castle world of royalty, pomp and new step-siblings, Amber and James.

Sofia the First will include appearances by Fauna, Flora and Merryweather (fairies seen in Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty) as the headmistresses of Royal Prep, the academy that Sofia, along with other princes and princesses, attends.

Special event appearances will be made by classic characters including Cinderella and other Disney Princesses.

Nancy Kanter, Senior Vice President, Original Programming and General Manager, Disney Junior Worldwide, said, “In Sofia, we have a ‘peer to peer princess,’ a relatable girl experiencing the same social issues as our young viewers – learning how to fit in, making new friends, conquering new skills and building sibling relationships.”

She continued, “Although Sofia will have plenty of pretty dresses and sparkly shoes, our stories will show Sofia, and our viewers, that what makes a real princess is what’s inside, not what’s outside. That the inner character of kindness, generosity, loyalty, honesty and grace make you special, not the dress you wear.”

I received a box today, with a cute sash – I was going to wear that with the crown, but they sash was not exactly fitting around my torso.






I see Sofia the First has a little roll out number of good manners.

I am really curious how that is going to unfold this evening as I present 1 crown and 1 matching sash to 2 girls!!  I think Georgia will run faster, I think that Isabelle will punch harder.

Catch Sofia the First on a small screen near you — I suggest parking the kids in front of the show, and you lying on the couch with a cup of tea and a book.


I have one Junior Disney pack to give away.  Unfortunately it is not Sofia the First, but maybe because the girls are getting a cool new princess show, we can send something to the boys, or to a girl who digs pirates.

I will pick one at random end of day Friday, 17 May 2013 — again just leave a comment and tell me whose voice will be used in the new show Sofia the First, as Sofia.  The First.

Here is a hint: Ariel Winter from Modern Families.

Actually it is not a hint it is the answer.

I will pick one at random, and send you a Disney Lunchbox, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Stickers,  Height Chart, Necklace and Head band.  Easy peasy.

No need to like anything, or promise me your first born.  Just leave a comment.  With the answer I have just given you.

Winning ….. with bread and stuff


Thank you to everyone who nominated someone.  Thanks for everyone who made me smile a bit, laugh a bit, and go “aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww” a bit.

Jenny, you win the hamper from the just-leave-a-comment-and-win-easy-peasy-sasko-hamper  – which means that Debbie wins the hamper.  Or.  You could just disown Debbie, and I send the hamper to you.  You can eat bread and have a shiny bread bin  and we will no longer speak of this person Debbie Farrell.

It is up to you.  Totally up to you.


April 26, 2013

The sandwich sounds amazing! I want to nominate my friend and colleague Debbie Farrell – she is fostering her 3 month old nephew and raising her 11 year old son on her own. She saved her nephew from a mom who is now in rehab and just took him in without question and with no maternity leave or financial help. She is a true superhero in my eyes.


Jenny – I will send you an email to get the information from you.  Enjoy!

Want to get in on the bread bin action?

Tomorrow is cut off day for the SASKO hamper with the fabulous bread bin give away.

If you are keen to enter, just pop along to the original post and leave a comment. {not this post, hence the reason the comments on this post have been disabled …. I am clever like that}

SASKO and the Carrol Boyes have absolutely nothing to do with Robert Downey Junior.

Go along, leave a comment, nominate someone who deserves SASKO bread products.  And a bread bin.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

There is no need to retweet, or go and like another page, or even like this page, no need to like a page on Facebook.  You have a 1 in 30 (or however ever comments there are) of winning.  You really can not get better odds than that.

There  is none of all that crap that drives me insane with competitions – where I end up getting a product on my Facebook timeline that I usually would not like to hear from every bleeding day.  This is not THAT competition, it’s a give away.

Nominate anyone you like – nominate you, nominate me (still keeping it out there) nominate your aunt, your hairy neighbour, your favourite school teacher.

Anyone you think needs bread and a bread bin, and a little smile this May.

For some reason when I think of bread bins, I get fixated (and side tracked for an hour on pinterest) with Robert Downey Junior images.



Sisterhood of the Breadbin?

{yes this is a sponsored blog post, but not the bad kind, so read further – there is stuff to win at the end, and it does not require you to LIKE several things and repost or retweet or get annoying Facebook TimeLine updates from a product you really do not give a hoot about}

Sasko have approached me with a wonderful hamper they said I can give away.

I can just give it away.

I don’t have to get you to go and like a page, then go and like another page, and then re-post it on your tweet account or what ever the hop-skip-and-three-jumps that is involved with the usual give aways.

Really there is none of that malarkey over here in Reluctant Mom Land.

The kind (and generous) folks at SASKO have a hamper which includes: Carroll Boyes bread bin and Sasko branded products valued at R2000.00 – let me write that out for you in big people’s words two thousand rand!

Shit balls, if I did not write this blog, I would so enter. Like right now.

If Kennith entered and he won, would anyone judge me differently?

The team at SASKO said I just have to tell you about a sandwich.  For Mother’s Day.

Seriously it is a sandwich – there is little in the way of hidden messages here or covert sneaky advertising, other than the suggestion to buy a loaf of their bread so you can use two slices — but in their defense it is really good bread – the Honey and Oats loaf – love it, my favourite bread as a matter of fact – Pick ‘n Pay stocks it.


Make Mom a Special Mother’s Day Tea with Sasko

 Mother’s Day is the perfect time to thank your mom for everything that she does for you. Moms are there from the beginning; encouraging,  nurturing and guiding every step of the way.

The team at Sasko has created a delicious, light and suitably feminine Mother’s Day sandwich recipe that you can prepare for your mom this Mother’s Day. Invite your mom around for tea, get out the tea set, prepare the sandwiches and present lovingly with a note and a bunch of fresh flowers to really make her day.

The delightful recipe is ideal for your kids to make on Mother’s Day as well.  Just remember to get dad to assist in the kitchen!  And to ensure that in no way are you involved in the cleaning up!!

Camembert, Apple and Watercress:  Mother’s Day Delight Sandwich

 Ingredients: (makes two sandwiches)

4 slices Sasko Honey and Oats Bread {Reluctant Mom – really not punting this, but I buy this bread when ever I see it – it is delicious, and yummy and is great with big chunks of fresh avocado, a bit of coriander, salt and black pepper}

3 tbsp mayonnaise

50g walnuts/mixed nuts

125g camembert

1 handful of watercress

1 granny smith apple

Black pepper

Olive oil


Crush the nuts in a pestle and mortar or blitz in a food processor and mix with the mayonnaise and a pinch of salt

Toast the slices of bread

Spread a little of the nut mayonnaise on each slice

Cut slices of camembert and place on two of the slice of bread

Cut the apple into round slices, take out the seeds and layer a few rounds over the cheese

Grind over a black pepper and top with watercress

Drizzle over a little olive oil over the watercress and cover with the remaining toasts

So that is it.

I have a SASKO hamper, a kick arse bread-bin and I want to give it away.

Instead of you telling me to pick you. I’d like you to nominate someone.

Your person.  Your go to person.  Your chick with attitude who will use a bread bin.  Your mom.

Someone who is a mom, someone who lives next to a mom, someone who has a mom, someone who can spell MOM is fine as well.

Just someone who you think could really do with receiving a cool hamper and has bread to put in the new shiny bread bin and will make then happy (you will need access to their address, so you cannot nominate Robert Downey Junior  and then think you can saunter over there with your bread bin as a gift ….. come now people, let’s just keep this clean and in an organised fashion — though I do think arriving with a bread bin and a few loaves of bread would be a very clever and ingenious method of getting past Robert’s security detail)

SASKO in no way supports or approves any action which may result in stalking Robert Downey Junior with a breadbin.  Carrol Boyes is still a little on the fence a bit, but I do think they quite like the idea.

Robert Downey Junior

If you feel you really are the one who needs this hamper, then get your mate to log on and nominate  you.

Just leave a comment on this post with a nomination.  

Nominate someone.  Nominate yourself.  Nominate someone else.  Nominate me (just throwing it in there to give you a few options)

Entries/Comments/Nominations close on 6 May 2013 – I would like to say at 17h00, but it really is as soon as I can get to my PC and disable comments, but it will be around 17h00 and then the winner is announced on 8 May 2013.  

Right now I have no criteria, it might be random, it might be the best suggestion.  It might be the person who offers something that makes me smile – let’s play this loosey goosey –  and tah-dah we send you/your person a hamper.

Actually I think I prefer this second image of Robert Downey Junior … I am not sure how this turned into a post about Robert, but he is making me feel all warm in my secret places.

Robert Downey Junior2