Why is Finding the Right Nanny so hard?

Going through the process of finding domestic workers or a Nanny in Cape Town for your child and your family does not have to be the daunting task you expect it to be.

Nanny Recruitment Agencies specialise in finding a domestic worker or a nanny in Cape Town.

Initially most moms/dads feel that the cost of using a Nanny Recruitment Agency for a domestic worker or a nanny is too high – so they embark on this recruit process themselves.

They run advertisements and ask friends to recommend someone they know.

There is nothing wrong with either of these methods to obtain the Right Nanny for your family – but would you do the same process to find a Mechanic for your car, or an Accountant to sort out your Receiver of Revenue woes? Probably not.

You recognise that there are specialists in both these areas and gumtree/advertisement at your local pick n pay may not be the best method to find the best person for those jobs.

Do you want to risk what is probably one of the most important decisions to gumtree and the lovely lady who lives three doors from you, who recommends the sister’s cousin of her domestic worker?

Interviewing and sourcing Nannies, Domestic Staff and Night Nurses is a skill – it requires time and often infinite patience.

Nanny Agencies that place domestic workers or a nannies  spend their days interviewing candidates and shortlisting candidates, so you don’t have to.   We speak and interview 100 possibles, so you only need to see the top 3 we have shortlisted who match your requirements.

Candidates contact Happy Helpers and through a series of questions and a detailed telephonic interview Happy Helpers short lists this down to “potential nannies” who have the right experience, training and who are in possession of the correct documentation who will attend a face to face interview.

We receive more than 100 phone calls per day from “Nannies who need jobs!” – we filter this down to 10 – 12 potential candidates who we will interview.

Happy Helpers invites the potential Nanny in for an interview. A detailed CV is built and there are extensive questions asked to sift through “potentially not great” and “potentially really great Nannies” we can recommend on to our clients. Nannies are reference checked – and only once all these parameters are met, the Nanny is recommended to you.

From 100 potential candidates, we interview the best 10, from these we normally move 4 – 6 candidates on to our data base to recommend on to you.

Happy Helpers spends hours speaking to a domestic workers or a nanny in Cape Town and shortlisting candidates to a list of Nannies we can recommend on to you.

Earlier this year Shelley from Table View (*name has been changed) ran an advertisement on Gumtree for a Live-In Nanny. After the 3rd day she turned her cellphone off as it did not stop ringing.

She left it off for more than 7 days. Her phone rang at night, during the day, all day Sunday. It took Shelley 2 weeks to short listed 10 potential candidates who sounded good on the phone.

She spent 2 – 3 hours per day, for 2 weeks getting the candidates down to this shortlist She had to arrange 10 interviews to meet the candidates, as it would not be safe to invite a person you met on Gumtree to your home.

Of these 10 candidates she ended up with 2 possible candidates. It took her nearly 20 hours of interviews. 10 different times and venues to find 2 possible candidates to short list. Both candidates seemed nice – but one candidate did not have a valid work visa, and the other candidate could not live in, as she had young children of her own.

Shelley was stuck.  She had lost three weeks going through this process and now was three weeks in, several hours down and still no Nanny to care for her 3 month old daughter when she returned to work following Maternity Leave.

This is a common story when we speak to moms and dads who are looking for Housekeeper or a Nanny. Before clients reach us they often go through a heart breaking process to end up with no nanny and then they desperate to find a solution.

Happy Helpers interviews Housekeepers & Domestics & Nannies in Cape Town, so you don’t have to.  We reference check and short list so when you need a Nanny or a Domestic Worker – you receive a shortlist, and interview 2 – 3 candidates.

Happy Helpers ensures the process is easy and simple.

Let us help you to find the right domestic worker or nanny in Cape Town for you and your family.

Happy Helpers – Happy to Help!