Post It Notes from the edge of reason #1

I really do not understand this concept.

The bulk of the kids I see at my kids’ schools are dropped off without wearing seat belt, lets not even comment on the lack of safety/booster seats – just seat belts would be a luxury at this stage.

Standing between the front seats is as common as candy floss for kids.  Small babies/toddlers/children being held by moms sitting in the back seat appears to be standard practice.

I am not maths higher grade, but I can work out that even if you are buckled in and you are holding an object that is not, your car come to an unexpected stop, your body will fly forward at 60/80/120km an hour until something stops its forward motion…. but what ever is in your arms will continue travelling 60/80/120 kilometers until it meets a stationary object that stops it.

Stationary object being the windscreen, a wall, the road you are travelling on and so on.

It is impossible (virtually impossible) to hold on to any object with that sort of force/speed ….. but why do moms (and dads) persist in not buckling their kids up and either let them stand free or allow them to sit on their laps?

What is it that I am missing?  What is there to gain by not buckling a child up?

I feel people should be fined who are caught with kids unbuckled in a car.  The parents should be subjected to 5 days of community service, served in emergency rooms like Red Cross Hospital and the morgue who regularly receive children who were not buckled up and have died or been injured due to not being strapped in. 

Alternatively the parents should be smacked in the head.  With a chair.  Repeatedly.

side bar >>  Some one suggested that I should not get upset by this behaviour.  I should view it as evolution’s way of culling the simple minded.  Stupid people do not buckle up, stupid people die in car accidents and so do thier children, so this is nature’s way of skimming off the stupid.