Dick pics …. when is it a good time …..?

{Part 1 of a series …… not sure how many in this series}

I am almost sure that this is a question that plagues many of us.

There are several very helpful articles —- several hundred in fact, so this must be a question around which many people are confused, terrified and are in need help.  Clarity.  Possibly some boundaries.

I thought that maybe I was losing touch with the cool kids so I ran the question “when is it a good time to send a dick pic” – Google was not shy with the helpful articles it had on supply around this exact issue – about 39 300 000 results (0,34 seconds) – that is a large figure.  When I ran the same search but based on “how to deal with anal leakage” the results seemed small/insignificant in comparison – 1 890 000 results (0,41 seconds) .

I am not wanting to compare the problems of anal leakage with that of whether to share dick pics.

One you are not going to take a picture of and send it to what you think might just be a “hot babe” whilst the other seems to be something you do take pictures of, then share with random people.  Totally random people, who you think need to see your dick.  In a pic.  Without a cat.  On a mat.  With a rat.

That people is a lot of people talking about dicks, photographing them, and then deciding on which distribution channel is going to work best, or at all.

I need to come out at this juncture and add that I do not personally have a dick/penis/prick or what ever is the right word.  It appears that there are more than 174 names/words in use that are used instead of the word penis.

That is unbelievable, if you consider the Eskimos only have 100 words for snow – and they see snow all fucking day, and all fucking night.

It actually cannot be proven that the Eskimos have a 100 words for snow, it is a bit of a legend and we just repeat it enough so now it sounds factual.

Lots and lots of snow, miles of it.  Piles of it, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Falling from the sky, hitting you in the eye, ruining your hair, making your lips chapped, spoiling your lovely blue dress.  You never know how much there really is going to be — and it is always too much or too little, and seldom just the right amount.  Different shapes and sizes of snow flakes, no two the same.

Random people holding sticks on television in front of a map telling you how deep it is going to be – or that it might get slippery.

All of this and only 100 words for this phenomena of nature versus 174 for a dick, but now I have digressed.

To get back on track — here is a flow chart that helps answers the question of  “Should you send that Dick pic?”:

dick pic-flow chart

Source:  http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6910070/should-you-send-that-dick-pic

I have my own story around Dick Pics but I sort of wanted to create a base from which to operate or start the story, because as you all know, for me it is all atmosphere and background.

The details, the details – the story is always in the details.

Tune in again to read more on this fascinating topic.


Said no man. Ever.