More ladies with babies ….

{warning — you may see visuals of a baby being born — this may include women in distress, a flash of pubic hair, some blood and a very good chance of an umbilical cord — if you prefer not to see it, then please do not read this blog post.  It is what it is, if you prefer not to look, then please don’t}



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I used to watch a “having a baby” show on one of the lifestyle channels.  There was not much difference in each episode.  Follow lady/woman/family who is pregnant.  Lady tells her story.  Lady has her baby.

No matter who lady was.  No matter where lady was, or how lady had her baby – each and every time said baby entered the world, I would sit there blubbering like a lunatic.

At some point I had to have a serious talk with myself that really the show is pretty predictable, and I can not cry every time I see a baby born.

I cannot afford that much mascara.  And sometimes I forget I have mascara and end up fetching the kids looking like a panda.  But not the healthy kind.

I stumbled across this website and the images made me sigh, smile, and then sigh some more.

The website has the images of the year for babies being born/newborn, there is shortlisting, and voting.

I am not sure who won, but these are a few of my favourite outstanding moments captured by gifted photographers.




{images have been removed – please visit to view them there.