First two weeks on Atkins ….

I have read a few books on the Atkins Nutritional Plan, and I liked the sound of it.

I really need something severe to step in right now.  I am in the downward spiral to a lard arse, and there is no way I am able to stop myself by the usual “eat less and healthier” means.

I have been unhappy with my weight for the last four years or so, and each year the kilograms seems to find friends that can join them, and I get more and more despondent every time I look in the mirror, and try to squeeze into my clothes.

The final straw was when I bought a swimming costume about four weeks ago, that would be something my granny would wear —– it really is time for a severe HELP plan.

I decided to get my arse off the couch eating a bag of LAYS and a bottle of wine, and start Atkins.  I have also started Walk-for-Life and really hope to be up to running, albeit very short distances come February.

I had read loads of reports that people tend to feel a bit ill in the beginning with Atkins.  I believe your body goes through a bit of an adjustment and this may leave you feeling a bit dizzy, icky and shite.  I haven’t really had any side effects that I have noticed.

The big “thing” is that you remove processed carbs and sugar from your diet.  Not gradually, but cold turkey immediately.

The first two weeks (Atkins Induction – Phase 1) have a very limited “range” of vegetables and salads you can take in, and this is where you are getting your carbohydrates from.  Protein is not an issue, and you are encouraged to eat as much bacon, beef, chicken and what ever-once-had-a-heart-beat as you please.

I have never been a bit protein fan, and can go days without meat, so this was a bit of an adjustment.

The amount of fresh vegetables and salad stuff you need to take in does have you at the fresh section of your local Pick ‘n Pay or Woolworths quite regularly.

I must confess that I have found switching to an Atkins Nutritional Plan has been quite expensive.  My house is stuffed with rice, pasta and tons of other food but everything is off-limits, so the result is that I have had to really sit down and figure out what I can eat.

I have pretty much had daily trips to the grocery store to hunt around for what I can eat.  I know that on the Atkins Nutritional Plan you do get to add more carbs as you move along, but it never gets to a point where it is okay to sit on the couch with a bottle of wine and a LARGE slice of meringue red velvet cake.  Yep, I don’t think that point ever comes.

I am definitely not starving on Atkins, you eat a fair amount of protein and fat, so the result is you never sit around wondering what else you jam into your pie hole.

I also do not eat meals because I am hungry, I tend to say “Okay, best make something as you should eat a meal now….”

Fortunately I am not a big snacky-snacky person, but that being said I have also realised how many handfuls of marshmallows/biscuits/chips and assorted other things I usually put in my mouth, whilst I am in the kitchen,and not even aware of it.  I have to consciously say NO to myself when ever I enter the kitchen that my hand does not “steal” something and shovel it in.

This is what I had for lunch today: 20g Rocket, 55g Snap Peas, 1/2 Haas Avocado, 70g Orange Pepper, 150g pork sausages and a few sprinkles of beetroot sprouts — so in no way am I hungry after this. (I burst the porkies about 2 minutes after I started cooking them …. so they aren’t all silky and shiny, but crikes porkies are brilliant)

I was really elated that in the first week I had lost 1.5 kilograms, but then I got on the scale earlier this week and it was all back.  Aaah fek!

 I decided that I needed a kitchen scale and to do it properly and not “estimate” portion sizes – hence the reason for the grammage control.  I just figure if I am going to do this properly I don’t want to be blowing it because I can’t judge the correct portions.

Ballooning weight …. alarming waist line …. and a fat arse!

I have never had a good self-image.

Even when I weighed 50 kilograms, I hated my body because it was too skinny.  I am 1.75 metres tall – so I was pretty damn skinny.

My nose is too pointy, my knees are too knock kneed. I used to hate/loath the large birthmark on my left hand side.  There is very little about me physically that I like.  Funny (not so much) how we are our own worst enemies.

I have always been an erratic eater, and eat when food passes me rather than have planned set meal times. I seldom eat breakfast.  I gorge on Chuckles, and Pasta, and can easily quell the dreams of a bottle of wine.

I will go a day without eating anything, other than drinking tea, then at 19h00 realise “Hey I am hungry” – open a packet of Plain Lays and eat that whilst I sip two or four glasses of wine.

Not a great meal plan by any one’s standards.

I don’t really eat vegetables, but I eat salad, so I don’t get too worked up about it.  I love pasta in almost any shape or form.  I get wildly excited by NUSSFIT spread thickly on top of white bread. I can do 4 slices of that for breakfast, lunch and supper with a thick chocolaty smile.

Any the who, I have been adding kilograms slowly to my frame.

When I had Connor (2001) I weighed around 55 – 58kilograms.  When I had Georgia (2005) I weighed around 65kilograms.  When I had Isabelle(2009) I did not even bother getting on the scale, it was close to 69kilograms and I felt like a heffalump.

I can honestly say that my weight has little to do with the pregnancies, but all to do with the way my eating habits changed when I was breastfeeding.  Before I had Connor I ate small meals, after Connor I started tucking in to starters, main and dessert.  Breastfeeding meant I could eat almost what ever I liked and did not add weight.  But then I stopped breastfeeding, and continued to eat the same calorie intake.

This year has been the worst, and I have ballooned past 70 kilograms, and nearly shat myself when I realised my weight was sitting at 77 kilograms, which means 80 kilograms was not that far off.

I hate seeing myself in photographs. I despise seeing my reflections (our bathroom has a full wall of a mirror, so it is tricky to take a crap without having it in full living colour reflected back at you).  I know I am on route (already there) of being fat, and I can’t seem to maintain the will power not to eat 4 slices of white bread with NUSSFIT.

I am very reluctant to stand up and say, so I am on a diet, or I am on this exercise plan, as I like to fail quietly, not in the full glare of public scrutiny.  I have realised the sooner I accept that I am making some changes, and incorporate them into my life, my blog, what I do, the better it is for me to keep going with the,

I need a life style change, and not just a ‘flash in the pan’ diet.  I think I am past where a diet can help me – the idea of a gastric bypass is looking more and more attractive.

I have been reading several books (at once) on the Atkins Diet.   I am finding little in the way to fault it right now. I do appreciate if I googled “what’s wrong with Atkins” I will be killed in the flood, but for now I am focussing on what works about it.

I decided to start and not stall any longer.

I started on Tuesday, 6 November – and I am following what they recommend as the Induction Plan which is meant to last two weeks.  My feeling is that I will see how I am faring in two weeks, and make a decision whether to remain on the Induction Phase or move to the next phase.

The food I am eating is a totally brain shift – it is food I eat, but food I would not naturally consume without a side of potatoes, pasta or rice – in short the Atkins Diet is a bit prohibitive (understatement) of Starch.  It is pretty freaky about Sugar too, but I would say it has quite a focus on eating a particular level of protein and fat – and moving your diet dramatically away from Refined Starch and Sugar.

I don’t feel bad in any way.  I am not quite skipping around saying I feel great, but my usual diet does not include sugar, full cream milk or loads of junk food, so it is not really a huge reach shift – but it is still early days.

I have my food diary, and I am still busy reading through three Atkins Diet Books to get my head around how it works.  My water intake has increased, and unfortunately alcohol is prohibited during the Induction Phase, so I am missing my glasses of wine rather acutely right now.

A lifestyle shift does require me to move my arse off the couch.  I decided to quietly join Walk for Life.  So me and a few dozen ladies whose mean age is probably 65 head out for a bit of a walkabout on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

I do want to get up to runing – I just need to get there again – and I like the way the programme takes it really s — l — o — w.  I figure that I will just stick with what they prescribe, and walk until they say I am ready to run.

I weighed myself this morning, and the scale did show an improvement — I am fine with slow progress, as long as it leads to permanent weight loss. What ever happens I seriously cannot remain in the condition and the weight that I am.

So if you are looking for me I will be the one in the corner eating copious amounts of meat with a side order of rocket, olives and sprouts and sipping my water as I eye your wine!