Pick ‘n Pay’s response to the alleged abduction at a Pick ‘n Pay store

Pick n Pay’s first priority is always for our customers and their safety, and we take all incidents very seriously. Thankfully the child is safe and was already back with her mother when our store staff were first alerted.

We have cooperatedfully with the police, including providing a detailed statement and sharing our CCTV footage.

We have also met the mother again since the incident to express our sympathy and support, and explain the actions we have taken.

Our understanding is that, having investigated the evidence including our CCTV footage, the police believe that this was not an attempt at kidnap and that there is no case for taking further action.

There have been many reactions to the incident at the Pick ‘n Pay Capricorn Park Muizenberg.  Some a bit alarming, some a bit concerning about the sanity in the blog-o-sphere.

I think the key issue here is that the issue is not that the specific retailer is to blame.  It is a “sense/feeling” that the incident was not handled well, and more importantly this could have happened to any of us.

You.  Me.  Anyone.

I am sure that if this had occurred in another retailer they may have dealt with it in the equally fumbling, less than ideal manner, but the reality is we will never know.  This happened, and this store dealt with it this way.

I am glad that Margo has brought this to attention – not to shame Pick ‘n Pay but to remind us how quickly things go wrong, even when you are picking lettuce up at your local retailer.

I sincerely hope that we have all learnt something from this incident.

I have three kids, and the reality is when I am shopping I cannot actually hold on to all of them, nor hold their hands no  matter how goof my best intentions are.

If you have shopped with children you will understand what I mean.

I often shop with my two youngest, and as much as I want to tell you I hold their hands the entire time.   I need to queue to purchase items and am distracted as I order at the delicatessen or the bakery.  And again cannot look at my kids as the assistant hands over the order.

I have to put groceries and kids in the car – and then I need to do something with the trolley – how do you expect me to keep all of these within eye sight?

It just is not possible.  No matter how vigilant you are.

I do not expect retailers to be responsible for my kids – but I do expect them to have a procedure in place when something occurs and listen to me if something has happened to my child.

No they are not the police.  But listen to me if I am indicating a problem, and take the time and energy to call the police so that they in turn can interview the suspects, and be able to handle the situation on the spot.

I sneaked in to a drive-in movie when I was about 11. They called the police.  I think the entry cost was R1.50.  The police came out and scared the shit out of me.

Point being, sure it is not your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on the planet, but if there is something that smells a bit iffy call the police, or some form of authority and allow the time to investigate, take statements – then step back.

When my kid were smaller and in the habit of throwing almighty thrombies at retail stores, I would leave them thrashing and screaming and just walk away – I would remain in ear shot so I could still hear them losing their shit in the aisle, I just would move on.

Clearly I would rethink that as a course of action.

Margo I hope you will heal from this – I cannot imagine nightmares you have.

I “almost” slammed my child’s hand in the car door when he was an infant. I didn’t.  I still think about it nearly every day and imagine the damage it could have caused.  My infant is now a 12 year old man-boy.  I still think about that day when ever he gets into my car and I close the car door.

Moms/parents worry.  Moms freak out if kids are out of their line of sight.

I hope we all have taken something positive from this experience.

Except Leon and Chuck. They have been total dicks!!!

{I think it is fine to be total dicks, but then be a dick who has no problem exposing who you are, and where we can contact you.  Be a man use your this-is-me-and-I-stand-by-my-statements-made-on-line.  Hiding behind a shite email address makes you double the dick — and a total shit head at the same time — other wise, good luck with that}

Original post and comments can be read at:  https://reluctantmom.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/abducting-babies-in-trolleys-at-pick-n-pay/

Abducting babies in trolleys at Pick ‘n Pay …..

I heard this mom speaking to John Maytham today on Cape Talk.  It was one of those conversations that makes your blood run cold.

Here is the post Margo13 put on Hellopeter:

I had the most horrific experience in Pick N Pay Capricorn Park Muizenberg yesterday, I was in the vegetable isle I turned around to pick up a lettuce and when I turned back my 4 year old daughter was gone alone with trolley .
I froze and became hysterical I then saw the 2 guys with my trolley , they told her to keep quiet and sped off with her into another isle .

I called security who let the guy go saying they were joking I called manager of Pick n Pay Yusuf who was very abrupt and told me they had mistaken my trolley with my daughter in for theirs

I do not except this I am emotionally wrecked and my daughter scared I went to Muizenberg Police Station and tried to lay a charge only to be told that they did not get away with my daughter so no case

In my view there was intention.

So she was in the supermarket, her young daughter was in the trolley, in the front fold down section – she took 5 steps from the trolley to pick up a piece of merchandise, turned around and the trolley with her child was gone.


Two men had taken the trolley and had made their way to an aisle two aisles away, where they were trying to get her daughter out of the trolley.

The woman found them, questioned them, did not believe they had taken the wrong trolley – and called security.  She was trying to apprehend two guys, and at the same time calm her child down who was clearly upset.

The store felt they could not hold the men, as the child had not been abducted, and thus there was no crime.  And then let them leave.  The store.

Clearly there was a crime in progress, and fortunately due to the quick acting mom she managed to find the men, her child and prevent them taking her child out of the store.

Can you imagine how this day could have turned out?

Margo13 had said that after she got her daughter back, her daughter had told her that the men had told her to be quiet, and that this was their secret.

Can you imagine how traumatising this must be to that mom?  To any mom.

I regularly take my kids with me, in the same trolley, in the same position – the nature of grocery shopping is you take a few steps away to grab something, then step back – one assumes your bag will be stolen, not your trolley with your child.

I would like to find how Pick ‘n Pay is going to handle this.

Surely the men should have been “asked” to accompany security to the manager’s office so they could take some information, and contact the police who in turn could speak to all parties and establish the details before letting them go.


Pick ‘n Pay can detain someone who they suspect of stealing until the police arrive.  One would think they can detain a suspect or two who are suspected of attempting to abduct a four year old child.

Surely?  Surely!

If you have heard anything more about this incident and know what is happening, please share.

The lesson : Your child is not safe anywhere.  That should feed nicely into all our paranoia.

How do you get something back once it is on the Internet?

{Apologise this turned in to a bit of a rant.  I did not realise I was this annoyed/angry/disappointed until I started putting some thoughts down… not parent or child related in any way I am afraid.}

I have been listening to Cape Talk through all the discussion about “The Spear” – and for some reason, and it may just be poor timing on my part, when ever I am in the car listening and there is a person from the “ruling party” talking about this artwork and what they think should be done with it – they always sound a bit, well demented and unhinged – and seem unable to present an opinion without somehow making it a racial issue or a flash back to Apartheid.

{But I may have only heard a few interviews, and maybe there were more sensible ones that I did not hear … maybe.}

Earlier today I heard a sound bite from an interview and this woman was explaining {I am using this word generously, what I actually want to say is she was ranting like a demented lunatic} that the painting should not go to “this some German people” and that this is “all like apartheid…”

I have no idea how this painting has turned in to the lunatic asylum that it has turned into.  I am really not wanting to get into a huge political debate and stand and defend or demonise a piece of canvas.  Really I do not, I am just having a wee vent here in my corner of the blogosphere.

I have been known to vote for the ANC, so  I am not violently opposed to them.  This is not about which political party I support.

The part I am unclear on in this entire frucus, is if the painting is sold, and no longer on display, and is going to be taken out of the country, and is defaced and you are no longer allowed to see what was considered “pornographic” then what is the fuss about?  It’s art.  Not everyone agrees it is great.  Not everyone is meant to like it.  But someone bought it.  It is no longer owned locally, or on display.

It is done, and over, but people are still foaming at the mouth.

Is the president now “that guy” who we cannot poke fun at or make political or social comments about – either in print, media or art?  Has he become that reverred a fellow?

Can the “ruling party” really stop someone portraying the president in an unsavoury manner?

In that case, maybe he should stop acting in an unsavoury manner …. I don’t see anyone depicting Mandela or even Julius with his member exposed.  I wonder why not?

So why does JZ get to have his trouser snake on display in such a manner??  Something about the shoe and fitting I suppose.

The part that I am REALLY  confused about, is the furor around removing this image from the Goodman Gallery’s website.  Okay so they do that, so what!  Then what?

Anyone who has google will be able to access this image – and 1.8 million similar ones – so why exactly is pressure being applied to the Gallery?  And clearly the message is, art is fine as long it does not taint our honoured leaders,a nd offend the “ruling party.”  (I am getting a Zimbabwe feel about this entire thing ….)

I personally did not think it was an offensive piece of art.  I have seen other images that offended me more.  I have seen Axe deodorant commercials that offend me more.

Jacob has been portrayed as this poor innocent soul who has had his reputation tarnished.  Whose wives and children are horrified as they have been exposed to his member, in public.

Caution me if I am incorrect, but JZ does not exactly strike me as a guy who is not a bit shall we say liberal with disrobing before concubines and daughters of his friends.

I must say, when he was on trial for rape, I sort of lost a bit of respect for him.

When he got off on that trial, which really was a bit “justice blind” and he had the entire AIDS/Shower fiasco, well I sort of lost a bit more respect.

When it was clear he slept with someone who it appears he “took advantage of” well then I lost a bit more  respect for him.

When Julius made his infamous statement about a raped woman not having breakfast and waiting on taxi fare, and the president’s camp remaining quiet and not immediately slapping Julius silly … well then I lost a bit of respect for him.

When he impregnated his friend’s daughter, well that sort of made me lose a bit more respect for him.

When he married for the umpteenth time, when our country really needs a different kind of role model, I lost a bit more respect for him.

When it turned out the woman he was marrying had an 11-year-old child from him, meaning he had cheated on his then wife(s), to impregnate her sort of made me lose a bit of respect for him.  All of this while he was explaining the concept of plural marriages and how it is good for families and I assume does not make husbands step out of their marriage, he was clearly shopping around a bit.

I really am not sure how many bits of respect I have left for him at the moment.

{Please bear in mind that I tend to think the “best” of people until they absolutely fk it up …. really up until that point I reserve judgement.  I believed Hansie was innocent until, well, it was impossible to believe it any more.  I stood up for him.  I even felt bad for Joost and his underpants debacle, and thought, well he must be innocent, because he says he is ……}

I do tend to take the high road and believe innocence, but wow Jacob has made it a bit difficult for me.

This painting barely pipped on my radar, until there was so much screaming, hair pulling and shirt wrenching, that I could not “not” pay attention to it.

The painting did little in the way of make me think “less” of our president, but definitely made me think “less” of the party he represents who used intimidation and other means to ensure this painting was pulled and that City Press issue an apology (of sorts.)  I can’t imagine that this was done without his consent or knowledge …..

Do I think a pe.n.is in a painting is offensive?

Well that would depend on the comment the painting was making.

Does anyone else get a bit of a George Orwell feeling here in reference to the “Animal Farm” and how the pigs who have taken control of the farm, are doing the same things that the farmer used to do before??

I assume everyone got the Lenin reference … not exactly subtle ….. if not then here it is, just in case you had not made the connection.  Considering the “history” of Lenin one would think that JZ would be a bit more offended by that reference, but it appears not.

My original point, which I appear to have got a bit side-tracked from is how is the “ruling party” going to remove all 1 million 8 hundred thousand images that are on the web?

Does fighting with the Goodman Gallery to take it off their site really matter at this point?  I mean really?

In closing …. the fact that the “ruling party” has seen fit to spend more money and time on this ridiculous “spear painting” cause whilst they have seen it fit to NOT to fund and expend the same amount of energy on ensuring that  the Sarah Baartman Centre  {which supports abused women and children} remains open, as it serves an especially needy sector of our community.

The Centre was forced to announce it had insufficient funding and was due for closure.  Eventually there was public support and it has a lifeline to continue doing good work. The government in the interim is a bit busy seeing to one pen.is.

A centre like this is under threat of closure.  Only 45% of school children receive text books.  Every minute 6 600 child p.orn.ogra.phic images are downloaded in this country.  There are police stations without police vans or police officers qualified to drive them.  There are 9 year old girls at school, pregnant.

But instead of dealing with some of these issues, our mighty leaders and policy makers, and unions, are expending time and energy, on whether there is an acrylic p.e.nis on a canvas.  Sold.  On it’s way to Germany.

Well that disappoints me more than 1000 picture of the president with his p.eni.s exposed.