It’s Monday, let’s talk about wigs for cats ….

This is actually a thing.

People make and sell these.  People buy enough of these to be a product.  That sells.

I believe if you put shit on a spoon and tried to sell it, you might have one or two buyers.

If you start selling enough to set up a retail site — and then you have several streams of competition, then you know you MUST have a product that sells like hot cakes ….

Wigs for cats …. again,this is really a thing. I am sort of amazed at how much one has to drink, and how much of a buzz one must have to think of putting a “mini” wig on a cat.

Then waking up the next morning, looking at the photographs and going “this is crazy shit …. don’t remember any of this” and then as you scroll through your images, you decide to do it again whilst you are sober.










Interested in getting one — I mean, of course you are … this quote from the site (granted I had to spell correct a few words…. but I am sure that is not an indicator of the quality of their offering):

Wondering how you’ll justify this purchase to your significant other, or director of finances?

Well first off, your life is incomplete without a pet wig. And secondly, your cat’s life is incomplete without a cat wig.

But a cat wig now ————– here’s where.

If you do, please for the love of gonads send me a photograph!!!

Yeah, pretty ridiculous!!


Now wigs for dogs … that is way cool!!

wigs for dogs

wigs for dogs01


wigs for dogs02