Of Big Tops and Play Station depravation…

I don’t make this up, as much as I would like to.

Yesterday after work I am sitting on the computer, and Connor comes into the room looking all hang dog.  He was having a no-tv-two-days as had been rude.  Well he was rude and got a no-tv-day.  Then  he thought he would be all wise-arse about his punishment so got another no-tv-day.  I cannot tell you the fun we have on the drive home from school in the afternoon.

No-tv-day is also the automatic sister to no-playstation-day and no-computer-day.  So it really is very bleak period for young Connor.

So he comes into the room, looking terribly sad and asks me what I am doing on the computer.  So I look at him and say: “I’m trying to sell you on the Internet Connor.”

So he starts looking really upset – his eyes are welling up a bit.  Sometimes I forget how literally he takes everything.  So I smile – the reassuring smile of all mothers – and go: “You know I wouldn’t sell you my boy …..”

Connor goes: “Yes you would.”

I try not to look too shocked, so reassure him that his concerns regarding his mom selling him are totally unfounded.

So he goes: “You always tell me that you are going to sell me to the circus!”

He is actually correct.  I have long used the phrase when he misbehaves or really exasperates me and say: “I am going to sell you to the circus, any circus, I really don’t mind.”

I start feeling mildly bad because my jest has either been taken as literal, else Connor is trying to get some sympathy from the situation in the hope of scoring some computer time.

I try to outsmart him: “Connor, I would never be able to sell you to the circus my boy, you don’t do any tricks, you can’t even juggle!  Sweetie, without a skill, I probably couldn’t give you to them.”

Then he says to me in all seriousness: “But my dad is teaching me to juggle, so you can sell me to the circus.”

Kids, sigh, when did they get so damn smart!