Oppan Gangnam Style!


Last week a group of us girls went out for a “ladies night!”

Nothing too raucous, just a night out with the girls.  Seems tame enough, right?

We decided to plan ahead and arranged a taxi service, so that none of us had to sit there like Johnny-no-mates and drink one glass of wine, while the rest of the group lost control of their bladder.

That my friend is an example of an adult decision.  That my friend is the last adult decision I made that evening.

We contacted Dude Bru and had them drop us off and then scheduled a collection for later in the evening.

At the outset you are sitting there and telling yourself  “really, we do not need a taxi service…. what a waste of money” but then once you are wearing Mickey Mouse ears, drinking something red out of a fish bowl and doing synchronised moves to Gangnam Style you realise that the taxi service was actually a really good idea.

You would congratulate yourself if you could stop your crazy arsed dance moves.

You must know if I am dancing, that it is about 60 minutes after when I should have gone home already.  I don’t dance – I have no brain-ear-feet co-ordination.  I pray there was no internal CCTV there that evening.

Dudebru – maybe not the most elegant of vehicles, and the sign on the roof sort of gave you a feeling that you may need to drink more than you planned to get back in the vehicle, but there you go.

At least you will get home safely and there was no risk of us spending the entire Easter Weekend at the Elsies River jail.

{If you are in Cape Town, need a night out, need a reliable lift home, contact Dudebru – you do not have to join, you can use them as and when needed, and they are flipping reasonable.}

We headed out to Stardust in Rondebosch, and it was so much fun.  Had never been there before – but there is such a great vibe, that you cannot help but have a great time.

I am always a bit reluctant at the outset of these evening, and try to look for a reason why not to go. My social phobia/fear of these situations does get me quite worked up by the time I get there.

But, it was a really a fun evening (of course I am so nervous I drink far more than I set out to, because I am so nervous about drinking far more than I plan to … and so the worm turns in the tequila).

I played a bit with my food.

I drank way more than I planned.  One minute I am coherent and able to say semi-intellectual things, then the next thing it is all over and I am being bundled home.

Good evening out.  Bad two days that followed.

I have realised I am way too old for this nonsense, and take two days following to recover – and no one looks good being a cucumber walrus!


Dudebru … how cool are these guys?

I want to tell you that I never drink and drive, but I would be lying.

I do.   <hate mail can be sent to the email address listed on the side>

I always reason that I would be fine to pass an IQ test and could negotiate with a reasonable level of sense, and then I get behind a wheel.

We can argue that I am very stupid, or we can discuss that the idea that I go out for a few drinks and drive home, is sort of part of the “way we do things.”

The problem with this method of doing things is that the more you drink the less GREAT your decision-making is.  Dead sober I have questionable decision-making, add two glasses of wine and my decision-making can sometimes be a little out there.  I have been known to really like people I usually cannot stand dead sober, that alone should be a warning.

I don’t feel drunk.I don’t think I look drunk, but odds are if I was tested I may appear delayed.  Driving a large metal object and not having the ability to recreate quickly is probably less than ideal.

Okay all of this we know.

I may hazard a guess here that I am not unique in this regard, you have a few drinks, look at your car parked in pit-sonder-water and then wonder exactly who you are going to get your lazy arse home and your car.

You then decide you have very little option but to climb behind the wheel and drive.

I do not want this post to be about our social culture and our rather lax disregard for not driving once you reach for the wine opener, but I do want to tell you about some really cool guys.

If you live in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, right now you MUST GET REALLY EXCITED!!!  Dude, Northern Suburbs people have very little to get excited about, so that god there is something, and this might be it.

The very clever folks at dudebru have come up with a really fabulous solution.

These monkeys get you home.  It is reasonable, and if you are clever you will leave your car at home and just get them to pick you up and drop you at the venue.

Few things are better than going out for a good time, and knowing you driver will be waiting to collect you and safely deposit you at home.

I think calling a company called “dudebru” at 11pm, inebriated and at the corner of Long and Strand will be brilliant.  DUDEBRU!!

I will feature a bit more about them in a few days …. but they are so cool.

Number above, or hook up with them on Facebook.