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{guest post from Rikki Walsh at Sunshine Egg Donors}

So, you’ve decided to have a baby.

A HUGE decision in its own right.  Something there is no turning back from, but you want that baby, child, little person in your life.

If you are a couple, you start the conventional way – stop your pill, time your cycle and have at it. Month after month after month nothing happens, and a tiny bit of you dies each time you get a negative result.

Eventually you accept you need to talk to someone about it – find a solution, find out why it hasn’t happened ALREADY.

You make the nerve wracking appointment.

You both head off.  You do all your tests, and more tests, and then wait to see what happens. The news you never imagined you would hear arrives …….. Sorry, you have no more eggs, your reserves are gone.

Your only choice is to use an egg donor.

This news could arrive after many failed IVF cycles trying with your own eggs, or at the first test.  You could be 23 or you could be 43.

There is no way to know before you have tests and trials.

You take some time.

You accept that you need a donor, but what is your next steps?

Who do you talk to about it?

It’s never comes up in discussions with your friends or family  – what will they think, do you tell them?  So far all the “well meaning advise” you have been given is horrific and usually includes “just relax it will happen….”

You ask your Doctor and he recommends a few donor agencies, and that is where we step in.

With 10 personal donations under our own belts and having helped over a hundred couples through this process, we are well versed in the procedures to follow.

Sunshine Egg Donors are here to help with all the questions you may have.  Or if you just want to talk to someone who you will know understands what you are going through.

We have over 100 lovely active donors on our database.

We will work with you as long as it takes to find the perfect donor for you.

This is an intensely personal choice, much like choosing your partner, this is something that will be with you for the rest of your life.  At Sunshine Egg Donors we are PASSIONATE ABOUT MAKING FAMILIES.

To start with, we suggest you sit down with your partner and make a list of what is most important for you in a donor.  This could be looks, education, personality, or simply the fact she is a mom or has donated before, so you know “her” eggs work.

Perhaps a combination of them all.

There is a perfect donor out there for everyone, and we will help you to find her.  If you don’t know where to start, but just need to talk to someone to give you some guidance and assist you in taking the next step, please call us.

Together with your chosen clinic we will help to arrange a donor cycle in a time frame that suits you and go beyond that to make your already emotional journey easier.

This may means helping with accommodation near to your clinic, some relaxing tours or even acupuncture.

We keep you informed every step of the way what is happening with your donor and how she is doing on a physical and emotional level before and after egg retrieval.

Finally I will stalk you until I find out that you are pregnant and can shed a tear with you.  Then drink the glass of Champagne I am sure that you will be giving up for the next 9 months!


Rikki Walsh – Intended Parent Support at Sunshine Egg Donors

Skype: rikki.walsh | | +27 79 499 4763 | +27 21 813 9081

Interested in donating eggs?

Or interested in how we can help you make a family – contact Sunshine Egg Donors

Would you donate an egg? You really aren’t using it much, right?

{I APOLOGISE IF YOU SAW THIS POST EARLIER – I pushed on the “publish” button, as you do, by accident mid-post}

I am not referring to the chicken eggs you buy from Pick ‘n Pay, I am talking about the eggs that you {possibly} have sitting in your ovaries.

Taking the general female structure in consideration, a woman is born with about one to two million immature eggs, or follicles, in her ovaries.

When a woman reaches puberty and starts to menstruate, only about 400,000 follicles remain.

With each menstrual cycle, a thousand follicles are lost and only one lucky little follicle will actually mature into an ovum (egg), which is released into the fallopian tube, kicking off ovulation {raging hormones, cramping and usually PMS symptoms that require  a long lie down with a cup of tea}.

Relatively little or no follicles remain at menopause, which usually begins when a woman is between 48-55 years of age. The remaining follicles are unlikely to mature and become viable eggs because of the hormonal changes that come along with menopause.

So the short answer is that we {the majority} of us are born with far more eggs than we need.

The only time I needed eggs was when I needed three to catch three {separate} sperms, after that, my eggs are of little or no use to me. I barely think about them, except when I see a really cute newborn photo on Facebook, then my ovary tends to just squeeze an egg out ….

So why are we so reluctant to act as egg donors?

I’m not using the eggs.  Someone else might really like to use them.

A need for egg donations has risen for a number of reasons.  Infertile couples have often turned to acquiring eggs through egg donation when the female partner cannot have genetic children because she may not have eggs that can generate a viable pregnancy.

This situation is often, but not always based on advanced reproductive age. Early onset of menopause which can occur in women as early as their 30’s can require a woman to use donor eggs to grow her family.

Some women are born without ovaries or other reproductive organs.

Sometimes a woman’s reproductive organs have been damaged due to disease or circumstances required her to have them surgically removed. Another indication would be a genetic disorder on part of the woman who can be circumvented by using eggs from another person.

Many women have none of these issues, but continue to be unsuccessful using their own eggs.

So there are many reasons why a woman may not be able to produce an egg on her own, and needs to enlist the help of another woman.  If it was a help ad it would read: “Eggs Needed: If you are a healthy young woman between the ages of 21 and 33,  has the time to commit to the donation process, and is preferably a non-smoker.  Take a few drugs, have a scan, give a life ….  please call me 0800 NEED EGGS!”

I have approached two agencies, but it seems no one wants my 40-year-old eggs.  Slightly rejected.  Much?  Very actually.  Have they seen what my eggs can do?  My eggs are like super freaking hero eggs, but no one wants old eggs.

Its all about the new and shiny ones.

I wonder if I am a bit pro the idea of egg donation, because it is not a decision I need to face.  What being old and all.   The decision is really out of my hands  {Unless someone calls and tells me they want my eggs, then we are game on!!} as age has sort of made the decision for me.

I think the notion of egg donation is a subject fraught with lots of emotional content.

Is it just a part of your body, that is manufactured and you can pass along to the next person much like you may do blood, bone marrow or your body parts when you leave this earth?  Or is it something intrinsically more personal?  A pre-child that you think about?  The fear of a child who looks like your children walking around out there without you?

Is your egg a child – your child – or a nearly child? – or is it a  bunch of potential that is wasted each month?

Is the idea of donating an egg the equivalent of giving a child {potential, that realistically you are never going to have} away to many?

I think I could argue why egg donation is really a wonderful thing – but I could also understand why woman are somewhat reluctant to do it.  My brain does feel a bit “overloaded” by this subject, so for now I am going to park it and will come back to it.

Have you donated an egg, are you the recipient of an egg donation, are you thinking that this is probably not something you would ever do?

Possibly the reason you have stayed away from the idea of donating your eggs {that you are not using, you cannot do it once it is walking around outside of you with a snotty nose, and a lollipop stuck in its hair … then technically it is not an egg … just saying} is that you have not had a chanc to find out how it works, or chat to someone who has done it already.

If you are wanting to know more and just let the idea run through your head – there is an agency in Cape Town, Sun Shine Egg Donors – they are always willing to assist donors and donor recipients.

Have an egg you are not using? These guys, they know gals, who would really would like your egg(s).

Giving it some thought, give them a ring, or drop them an email, or don’t.