Er, no that’s not right …

I have come across two really strange images today, that have made me count body parts – and then question fashion choices.

I think it is very cool to stay on the cusp of fashion, but there must be a point when you look at yourself in the mirror as you are exiting the house and go: “Hey, that’s not right!”

And personally I do not judge mothers who drop their kids off at pre-school/day care in their jammies.

I figure if you have the luxury of getting back in to bed, or no time what so ever to change, popping out in your jammies in an emergency is a-okay with me.



I am sure that both these ladies are very nice people.  I am not suggesting otherwise.

I am however suggesting that maybe on this day, they made a difficult fashion decision, and came out with the incorrect answer.

But they get to try again tomorrow.  Please gd let them try again tomorrow!

Epic fail …. there is just so much wrong ….

There is so much wrong with this tattoo, that I think it is hard to really find the right place to start.

After about the third take you realise what it is — and then realise you thought it was something else.

But then you realise “shit that is such a bad tattoo …” and even with your really innocent mind, you still saw it, and now it is burnt into your eyeballs, and then you blink a few times and hope that maybe if you squinted your eyes it will look like an innocent baby finger tenderly grasping it’s mommy’s finger …. but then you realise that it doesn’t.

Holy crapsticks, it is just so very bad, and suddenly those horrendous tramp stamp tattoos don’t look so bad.