This has got to be the funniest thing I have seen this week …

{wipes snot off cheek from laughing so hard}



Meeting at two ….


Funny Friday #1

Awkward Family Moments

I really have nothing to say today that is thought provoking in any way.  I am still on my “woe is me” phase, so I will spare you a day of that today.

I saw this picture a few days ago (and thank you Joanne Chemaly for the laugh, much needed).

I will make an exception when it comes to cutting and pasting stuff, as this is well worth it’s own cut and paste.

But I loved this photo and I kept staring at it going “what was going on here….. really what the hell were they thinking?”  And I smile a little when ever I see it.

This Memorial Day, we remember some things and try to forget about others:

“So, I had just given birth to my first son at a local birthing center and there had been another couple that had given birth just before me there as well.  The midwife told us that the couple in the other room wanted to come over to say congratulations and introduce us to their child as well.  Little did I know that they would come into my room with no pants on.  Even better, they both had NO UNDERWEAR ON.  And from my vantage point, I could see everything. It was disturbingly awkward to say the least.  I have no idea why my husband had his shirt off, but I assure you, he had his pants on.   To this day I still have no idea why they were both naked from the waist down. Even more importantly, why was HE?”

(submitted by Jillian)

Stuff that made me wonder …

I often look at how people arrive on my blog – I like stats of how the site works … simple stuff, not higher grade maths for me.  I am more in the 2 + 2 equals 4 sort of school of thought.

Check out the last search that someone did to arrive on my blog.

How the hell did that happen – more importantly why would a son be searching for his mommy not wearing knickers?

Shame, he must have been devastated to find my blog … and me with my Mr Price panties on and all … reminds me of when I found a Spiderman double duvet set for sale on gumtree …