Buddy punch …


I am not quite sure how it started, but we play buddy punch when we drive.

The game is fairly simple, has few rules, and has the upside of being able to punch someone at random intervals.

If you spot a Buddy Car (A VW Beetle, old or new model) you get to Buddy Punch anyone in the car.  You just scream BUDDY PUNCH and hit them at the same time.

As the driver this can be quite disconcerting as you are merrily driving along, and not really paying attention only to be awoken from your driving-day dream with a punch and a scream.

My kids love the game and play it all the time – even if you are not actually playing, this does not stop you being a target of a punch — this can also happen if you see one on television, so the game never really stops.

This morning Connor gives me a second Buddy Punch, and he is quite pleased with himself.

Georgia got upset as she has not seen any Buddies and did not see the one Connor has just seen either of the two Connor had discovered.

{to assist in picturing the scene} Connor is sitting in the front seat and Georgia is sitting in the back, directly behind him.

Georgia – moaning/whining: “I can’t see because your seat is in the way.  I cannot see because YOUR BIG GOOFY HEAD is in the way!”

Jeez Louise I laughed. I cackled, I snorted– it was such a bizarre thing for Georgia to say, totally out of character.

In one small flash of humour I did not mind the 14 years I would spend driving my kids to the same primary school.

Start playing BUDDY PUNCH today, even if no one else has any idea why you are screaming BUDDY PUNCH at them and then hitting them with all your might.  {Hitting someone when you have not seen a Buddy or incorrectly identified one results in you getting two punches from who ever you last hit}

Seriously it is a real game, though we have changed the name PUNCH BUG appears to be another name.