My mind is a bit of a mess right now ….

My head is really a mess right now.

Part of it is because I have had a cold for more than three weeks – and it came with the bonus of a sinus infection.

Which meant that not only did I feel like someone had hit me in the head with a baseball bat, but being vertical became challenging.  My ears were constantly under pressure, so no doubt that was doing nothing for my equilibrium and my pole dancing has gone for a ball of shit.

That  rubbed out four to five days of my life right there.

I slept — I love sleep — but I didn’t realise that I could sleep as much as I have.  If it was an Olympic sport, I would have brought home a gold.  I slept for about 10 hours on Friday during the day, I then went to bed at about 20h30 and clocked up another 12 hours— I just could not function.

I lay on the couch listening to the soothing voice of David Attenborough and I slept.  Woke up for a bit, then closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

It was epic.   it was just a tired sleep — I would wake up feeling dizzy and disorientated and need to sleep some more, so I unfortunately was the “less fun one” and my inability to make any decisions was pretty fly.

It’s been tricky managing the kids from a horizontal position — or from a sleeping point of view.

Some things unfortunately did get away from me.

I will confess the kids were very nice and helpful.  Isabelle offered to make school lunches for a mere R5.00 — it seemed like a good idea at the time.  After a few days she confessed to not being “good with the bread” — I have no idea what the kids were getting — so I opted to just make the bread part and then she could pack the lunch boxes.

I have had three encounters in the last month that have “changed” me.

I have felt a shift in my consciousness.

How I observe the world and how I interact with it and how I “see” me has changed or shifted.  Or is shifting — which may explain the motion sickness.

It has been pretty fucking big — I am struggling to convert my thoughts into words, that make any sense.

Granted the sinus infection has probably not helped matters.

I have been reading Brené Brown and seriously that woman has changed something in me.

I am feeling a bit confused actually — like when you get to peep behind the curtain, and you see something and your brain just does not know what the fuck to do with it.

It is a bit like that.

Someone mentioned her name so I went to watch the two TED TALKS with her, and again I had this shift.

The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown

Listening to shame | Brené Brown

I watched it again, searched for a few others and bought her book.

I am not of the “self help” book league, it’s really just not my jam.

But THIS FUCKING book — it’s like reading the 10 Commandments.  Coming down the hill and thinking this is just too “big” to explain to anyone.  Okay, maybe let me throw it on the ground, and then I can have more time to go up the hill to get another set.

That will give me more time to mentally grasp this.

I usually mow through a book in a day or two — this one I have been reading for three weeks — I limit myself to 3 – 4 pages a day.  Then I just sit with the information and see what happens inside my head.

My head is having it’s own freak out on multiple levels — I think there has just too many red pill-blue pill moments for my mind to get it’s shit around.

I was pretty sick on Thursday and Friday last week — especially Friday.

I was trying to read this book between my two to three hours of sleep and I just kept crying.  Like stupid, non-nonsensical crying.  I have no idea what I was crying about.  I think my mind might be fracturing  right now.

Someone asked me last week why I was reading this book and my answer was “because I think Brené Brown has a lesson to teach me…” — which is about the most unlikely thing for me to ever say.  But true as squirrel nuts that is how I feel.  (again we might blame my fever, sinus infection and general disorientation …. or I am joining a cult and I just haven’t realise it)

I had an interaction with an Astrologer and six sets of parents who had been battling infertility.  The key words there are “had been.”

The entire process freaked me out — it was another case of being able to peak behind the curtain.

The problem is I am struggling to convert it into words.  I shifted that day —- I arrived as the non-believing pessimist wanting bacon.  I am not sure I left as the believing optimist (I still wanted bacon).

I did get into my car and go “What the fuck just happened there??”  And then kept asking myself for the entire 30 minute drive home.  I have been reluctant to talk about it — because I feel I won’t do it justice.

I have kept up this internal conversation trying to reason out what I saw and heard

My mind has been racing ever since. It gets overloaded and then I seem to calm down — but then I get a break, and my brain goes back into over drive.

Another thing that happened is that I had a meeting the kind folks at Home of Hope regarding a project I suggested to them — we had a great chat and they were very open with information and how they worked.

I spent some time with their Social Worker, who gave me some frightening statistics and actual real life shit around Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which not only awakened me to reality, but disturbed the fuck out of me.

I am seriously going “what the fuck — no what the fuck!!”

I am 100% getting how Chicken Licken’s life went for a ball of shit as he ran around telling everyone about the sky falling.  He was right, the sky is falling!


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I have something in my personal life that needs attention — and I need to grow a pair, and tackle it —  I am tired of being someone’s bitch in this equation.  The problem is I feel very brave at 2am or 3am — when the morning comes and I have to be vertical, then I am a lot less brave.  About everything.

My brain is a mess right now — but I think it will get itself straightened out and I will start to have clarity —soon.  I might need an antibiotic.

Home of Hope {Spring Lunch 2012}

On Saturday, Julie, Joyce and I attended Home of Hopes’ Spring Lunch held at On the Rocks, in Blougberg.

It is a funddraising lunch, and as usual I did not expect too much.  I tend to aim my expectations for most things fairly low, this way I can brace myself for disappointment.  Such is my coping mechaisms.

Lunch with Home of Hope was anything but.

An extraordinary day, the lunch was delicious, there were goodie bags filled with lovely things.

The ladies who organised the lunch packed the afternoon with great food, cold wine, wonderful raffles, and outstanding items to bid for.  It was well organised, loads of fun, and the three of us enjoyed it tremendously.

Sadly I did not get the auction lot that I had hoped for, and managed to win absolutely nothing in the raffle.

But that did not spoil my enjoyment of the afternoon.  Well done Home of Hope – what a wonderful charity,what a wonderful group of women you managed to get together for an afternoon.

I loved this idea.  Each raffle you took came with it’s own chocolate/nougat or macaroon thing – motivation enough to buy 10.

If you want to find out a bit more abut the charity and all the incredible good work they do, please visit

{Some general photographs from the day}

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Home of Hope ….

I mentioned before that I cleaned out our garage.

“Cleaning out our garage” is not code for anything, it really means I went through a dozen years of stuff that was lying in our garage and packed it up.

Some I took for recycling, but there was a lot that was useful and I did not want to throw away, but I also was not arsed with asking 100 people if they needed two blue bean bags.

I packed up our stuff and I passed it on to people who could use it.

Thinking about cleaning out your cupboards, this is a good place to take your stuff.

Home of Hope …..

My friend Alice decided to clean house recently.  She pulled out old crockery and furniture and bits and bobs and wanted to find a place or someone to give it to.

Alice is a very clever girl and instead of letting it clutter her garage she sent a note around asking for suggestions of “worthy causes” that she could pass it on to.

My other friend Kristin had spoken highly of HOME OF HOPE in Table View.  I had never heard of it before then.

Basically it is a home that assists women and children who need assistance.  It might be abandoned children, women and children who have fled an abusive situations or children who are orphans of HIV/AIDS.

It is a Home for those who really need some Hope.

Alice and David went along with a trailer full of stuff and donated it.

They received such a nice thank you letter following this donation – which I thought was great.

I really want to do a clean out of our house, and start unpacking and getting rid of all that stuff I have sitting in my garage/cupboards and the wendy house, the stuff that irritates me because it is always in the damn way and it needs to travel!!

If you have stuff maybe find a charity near you – it is amazing how much of a difference our “junk” can make to others.  If you are in Cape Town, try Home of Hope.

It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to give …. and you get a clean house so you can go and buy more crap.