Getting a little revamp ….

Apologise for the bits and pieces that might appear the wrong size and in the wrong place on my blog.

I update my WordPress “theme” about once a year, and congratulations today is that “once a year.”

I really need to stop being cheap and actually pay for a theme that I want, rather than take the free ones out of the bargain-barrel as I do.

But anyway, I troll through the free themes and pick one that offends me least, rather than one I really love.

The ones I love are always for sale, funny that…

It all goes a bit pear-shaped before it gets better, so bear with me as I resize, move and kick things out that I feel are “old and shit.”

I may change again if this WordPress theme does not blow my hair back, so it may go even more badly.

On a different note, I saw Lyndsay Heldsinger’s illustrations, and I love her work so much – we were at school together.  She was this tall red head who made boys lower jaws drop .. and she appears to have lost nothing of her previous magic.

I have used some of her illustrations on the revamped blog.  She is so divinely brilliant and has more talent in her sweat than I have in my entire body.  She has some more illustrations on so feel free to stalk her there.  Love her work!!!

<I am watching True Blood – its been PVR’d so no idea when TB comes on the television – while I am typing this post .. what a  fkd up show…. these people really should just move out of this town, and not supply a forwarding address … How many werewolves/possessed people/vampires/shape shifters does one need to encounter to realise that you need to sell up and move the hell out of Dodge?  It got really weird because I was watching another show, then I looked down and up again and they were talking about vampires, and it took me several minutes of head scratching to realise I was now watching a totally different show …….>