Life of Pi ….


Honestly a book that I just could not read.

I think I took it out of book club about four times, and can’t say I got further than the dedications page.

I can’t even remember why I just could not read it … more than likely because it was pimped as being such a great book, and then I feel pressure that I must feel it is this great book, and what if I am too stupid to get the story …. too much pressure.  Either way, I just did not get to reading it.

It had been a heavy week, and I thought I really needed an afternoon to run away from work. I decided that an afternoon spent with the kids eating popcorn and staring at a large sheet with a flickering image, seemed like a good win-win plan.

I went along to see the Life of Pi 3D Movie today with Georgia and Connor. {Isabelle is still not quite ready to get through a full length movie without bouncing on the furniture, so I decided to not take her along}

I told Georgia that if anyone asked she must say she was 10.  It was probably not my smartest move, as then she continued to talk on the top of her voice as to why she was not 10!

As co-incidence goes, we met the father of a friend of Georgia’s and he works at the movie theater.

I was happily standing there shooting the breeze with him, and Georgia kept saying in a very loud voice: “I BROKE UP with **** …. I BROKE UP with ****” meaning they are no longer friends with the girl in question.  I decided to talk really loudly and laugh exuberantly to try to mask the fact that Georgia was saying she was no longer friends with said father’s child.

Back to the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed Life of Pi.

A beautifully told story, and the visuals were absolutely “swoon worthy!”

Georgia was a bit terrified – she was screaming when ever the Tiger jumped out.  It is not exactly a “spoiler alert” as the trailer and movie poster makes it fairly obvious that there is a boy and a tiger on a boat.  One would imagine there is a certain measure of tiger jumping out …. Georgia was quite scared and she hid away for a certain portion of the movie (which might explain why it had an age 10 age restriction).

But Connor also got quite a few frights.  Connor enjoyed the movie, and Georgia enjoyed it once we got past the Tiger jumping out and scaring the bejesus out of her.

There are many scenes that have you jumping back in your seat.  There are several moments where tears will run down your cheeks.

A beautifully shot movie, it is over two hours so is a bit long, but I did not find myself glancing at my watch.   It is one of those movies where you need to catch it on the big screen, I am not sure it will translate well into 4 x 3 Standard TV Screen size.

Well recommended.  Catch it on the big screen if you can!